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    It seems the three of us are the only crutch users on this board. I'd like to hear more about your experiences. I've only been on forearm crutches for 6 mo, and they really help my mobility. I can even go to the mall once in a while. I went through a little depression about 3 mo. ago when I realized that I couldn't use them part time and that I would probably be on them for the rest of my life and I'm only 29. I can still walk very short distances without them but I seldom do.For the last month, I've kept them by my bed and and use them as soon as I get up in the morning. The thing that keeps me from being really depressed is the fact that I can still get around and live independently. Still, I'd be lying if I told you that any day goes by when I don't long for the days when I could walk not so long ago. Of course, the hardest part was when my boyfriend left me. He was polite at first, but after about three dates with me on crutches, he was history ( good riddance). I also miss dancing and tennis, But I'm sure I'll adjust to this eventually. You want to hear something really silly: I miss wearing heels all the time---I guess it's a girl thing.On a good day I can wear them but believe me, crutches and pumps are a tricky combination and you will get some stares---I like to think it's because of my dancers legs which look a lot better than they work. Here's my favorite fun way to flirt: I go to a mall with my red pumps and crutches, sit on one of the benches, cross my legs and let the pump dangle from my toes---especially with an ankle bracelet with a heart on it. Eat your heart out guys. This gets attenntion every time. I've even been asked out a couple of times. But enough of this silliness. Tell me more about yourselves. How long have you been on crutches. Do you use them because of pain or weakness? Do you use them part time or all the time? Can you walk at all without them. Have you gotten over the psychological pain of having to use crutches and if so, how long did it take? How far can you go with your crutches--shopping, to the mall? Phenom, do you use the forearm type of crutches? I apologize for this being so long-winded and silly in parts, but I'm so new to this and I could sure use any advice, info, and support you could give me. Thanks so much and lots of love.
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    was v shocked to see my name! i feel really important now! lol. i use my crutches (the forearm ones) on a part-time basis. i should use them more than i do - but i get embarassed. i'm 21 and should be running around. so i tend to not use them and pay for it later. when i go out i use people to lean on - poor them! and always using rails and walls to help me.

    i use them for a combination of weakness and pain. its been suggested i get a wheelchair for those days when even the crutches don't help - but again - i get embarassed.

    i spose i should explain a bit : at school, before i was diagnosed, i was always getting out of PE and the fundraising walks etc, and everyone (Even my friends) thought i was just making it up. wagging. skipping class. call it what you will. so now i'm afraid to see them out and about while i'm on crutches - because i'm sure instead of thinking "oh, she was sore" they'll think "she's still up to her old tricks". i know i shouldn't let it bother me - but i do.

    i long to dance and play sport too. i haven't in over 12 months. if my friends ask me to a club, i become the wallflower - because i can't go to the middle of the room - theres nothing to hold on to! or i sit at the bar and end up looking like a sad drunk! i can't win!

    i know that doesn't help you at all = but its all i can think of to say. you'll get used to it. might take a while - but i'm sure you can do it. good luck.