Met another aerobics instructor with fibro :) And a brief update. . .

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by satchya, Feb 4, 2010.

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    At the advanced CPR training I had to take this week for my new job at the YMCA I got into a conversation with another newly hired aerobics instructor. She will be subbing for various water aerobics instructors and has been teaching elsewhere for several years now. She has fibro too! It was cool to be able to have a discussion with someone else who is in the exact same situation I am (meaning who has the kind of fibro that responds well to cardio, although NOT any kind of weight lifting or strength training.) We both agreed that the days when we have to sit still, or drive too much, or lay in bed because we're sick, are by far the most painful days we experience.

    I am still working on finding a good balance. Now that I am working, I tend to overdo it more often, and exhaust myself. Last Sunday I fell asleep and took a SIX hour nap. Usually I can never nap because every little noise in the house wakes me up, and with three kids, you better believe there's a lot of "little" noises. This time, my husband even came into our room, stood over me to check and make sure I was all right, and went back out, and that didn't wake me up. I was well and truly exhausted.

    That said, I am finding that my stamina for things like driving without massive amounts of pain is actually increasing a tiny amount at a time, just like my stamina for exercising without pain. It took me four years to get to where I am with exercise, so I am beginning to wonder if I may even eventually get to where I can drive, sit through a meeting, etc., without flaring?? That would be so wonderful.

    Oh, one more interesting thing. . .I had to take a pre-employment drug screen, and I knew it would come up positive since I take lortab and also have started taking soma for the really awful muscle spasms I get. I had all my doctor's info and pharmacy info ready to prove my rx., etc. Well, it turned out I passed the drug test. Apparently, my body processes this stuff so fast it doesn't even show up in detectable amounts in a test!! I thought that was especially telling given the article someone posted here a couple of months ago about people who process drugs differently. I know I have always had a crazy high tolerance for medications. I thought that was very interesting.
  2. AuntTammie

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    cool that you found a fibro buddy! hopefully you two can provide support for each other as needed

    and it is interesting about your drug test....our bodies are all so unique in how we handle meds (or don't)....anyway, glad you passed, and glad that you are finding your stamina is improving.....gotta say I'm quite jealous (but also happy for you) : )

  3. DeborahLynn

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    Glad it's working out for you! I have my ACE group exercise instructor certification; I got it six years ago, when I was first experiencing CFIDS/FMS symptoms. I have never been able to teach as of yet because of being too ill, but I keep holding on to the certification, doing the continuing education credits, hoping against hope that I can someday teach.

    I am happy for you! I pray you keep on improving!


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