Metabolism stinks I can't eat 6X day. Can you? Too tired

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by keke466, May 9, 2006.

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    Think my metabolism is shot. I know I don't eat well. I work nights and I eat more then than any other time. Maybe cause it's the only time I'm awake enough to eat and am at work so need what energy I can muster. I sleep during the day as much as possible. What a life. I'm so wiped out when I get home all I can do is lay down. Where am I supposed to find the time to eat 5-6X and eat healthy on top of that.

    Alot of times I'll eat something fast before I go and take lunch with me and of course I'm snacking. There goes my weight up again.LOL.. Any suggestions on how to handle this or just post what you do. Or maybe post some fast healthy recipes. Remember I'm a vegetarian. Keke
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    I used to find it hard to eat in the mornings, but once I made myself do it, even though I felt like throwing the food right back up again, I soon got used to it. Now, I feel sick if I DONT eat first thing.

    Have you tried using a shake or meal replacement forumula a couple of times a day?

    Good luck
  3. jeniwren

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    Maybe look at it from a slightly different angle...don't think of it as 6 meals but 6 times a day you need to put some sustinance into your body. Start with an apple or banana...that can be one meal. Have a Hot chocolate with a bikkie...no2. Have a sandwhich for no3. More fruit for no4. Another drink and bikkie for no5......maybe a handful of nuts for no6 with a drink of juice.

    Make sure what you're snacking on is healthy food....throw out or get rid of/don't buy junk food. If you buy junk food your sabotaging yourself before you even begin.

    Small bits every couple of hours is the place to start...I'm hypoglycemic and have had to get used to eating small amounts often.

    Good Luck.
  4. borntired

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    I know we are given advice all the time but actually I have found that if I cut down on Sugar and White Flour I feel much better and loose weight. It's like staying away from something and eventually you don't miss it. Not that I don't fall off the wagon but I do know that it helps.
    Eating right is a lot of work and on a limited salary it is expensive. Try TOPS or get a hold of a well balanced diet. Are there any Nutritionists where you work? Try to eat natural foods rather than foods with additives, sugar free foods that contain aspartane or sugar substitutes. They taste awful and don't help our problem. Many of us have Candida whether we know it or not.
    Are you taking medication for depression or pain?
    Try shopping once a week and clean lettuce and carrotts and put them in a baggie so that when you come home you will have some salad and a piece of protein with it. Snack on a piece of whole wheat bread with peanut butter and have a cup of tea with it. Anything to make a start. I know it is not easy but we have to keep trying. No one is going to help us...just ourselves.

    Keep in touch!
    God Bless.

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  5. Lolalee

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    You know the TV commercial, "soup is good food". Well, it is. I don't mean canned soup, although those are ok in a pinch. I just wouldn't eat them excessively because of salt and additives.

    If you have time, make a big pot of soup at least once a week. You can eat it several times a week. Don't forget Hummus or black bean dip with veggies or crackers. Spread an Apple Cinnamon-flavored Rice Cake with a small amount of almond butter and sprinkle with chopped apples or spread with low-fat ricotta cheese and top with chopped strawberries and bananas.

    Another good, healthy meal is a pita pocket sandwich. In a bowl mix low or non-fat yogurt, a litle low-fat mayo, dijon mustard and a little honey...blend it well. Add chopped salad greens, chopped apples and cucumber, dried cranberries and mix well. Add a little feta cheese, sliced almonds. Stuff it all into the pita pocket.

    You can add any combination of veggies, fruit,nuts, beans, cheese...whatever appeals to you.

    Good luck,

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