metatarsalgia (foot pain)

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    well, I went to the laser/physio clinic today. Turns out the lady who runs it has a *lot* of experience which was rather reasurring.

    She doesn;t think it is plantar fasciitis after all. She figures it is some kind of misalignment with the metatarsal bones. I understood when she explained but but am not doing a good job of regurgitating the info! sorry.

    But she came up with a name for it: metatarsalgia. Ans she said "No wonder your feet hurt!"

    I also have bad circulation in my feet. They usually look all blotchy and purplish with white spots. After the laser treatment they looked all pink and cheerful!

    And the kinesiologist had a few things to say about tight muscles in my legs so gave me some exercises too.

    I am really hoping this will help. After the foot doctors, pain meds and Bowen did nothign for my feet!!!

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    ... I felt no one was interested. I only posted because I thought it might help someone. Six years of being fobbed off and sent from pillar to post, and finally the physiotherapist comes up with something that sounds like it can be treated!

    I didn't think of physio before b/c I thought I would have to be referred by a doctor,and as no doctor suggested physio, it never occurred to me.

    It turns out that you can walk in off the street if you want and tell them "It hurts here" and they will check you out. Of course you have to pay, it's not covered by the provincial health plan. But if it solves the problem it will be well worth it.