Metformin Alternative for Diabetes/Cardio

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    Here is some good info from a reliable "friend" on another health board. Just an FYI, do your research too.

    ((She decided that 14 years of taking Metformin for Diabetes was LONG ENOUGH, so I switched to the Herb Berberine and have had some great surprises. It works for that and also my Arhythmias have disappeared as well. Here is a page from Dr. Sahelian and emails he has received from users.

    This friend went on to say WHY she wanted off Metformin and basically

    what disturbed her was the latest newsletter from Dr. Jonathan Wright, (near Seattle ) talking about Metformin and all the side effects and I thought I can do this, so she found some Berberine and started on it and no more Arythmias, digestion better, blood sugar lower and on and on…..
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