Methadone and Fatigue

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ragdad, Mar 20, 2006.

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    My wife who has Fibro was taking five Vicadon hp's and 8 Ultrams for about a year. They worked good for awhile and then her tolerance went up and the pain increased. Four days ago her Doctor put her on Methadone 10 mgs 4 times a day and told her to continue with the Ultram. Ever since she started with the Methadone, her fatigue has greatly increased. She hasn't even taken more than 2 or 3 a day. Is this common with Methadone? If it is how long does it usually take to adjust to this drug?
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    Hi...I take 10 mg of Methadone twice a day, and find it gives me energy rather than fatigue. It is probably because it helps me with the pain. I adjusted within a week or so to the drug. Good luck to you and your wife...Ann
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    i am familar with methadone. My Ex doctor (i have moved since)started me out right away with it, nothing less potent or addicting first. The first week or 2 i was extra tired, but then that changed, i wasn't sleepy, it actually helped with pain levels very much. BUT.. then he increased it from 5mg to 10, that helped, but then my family was concerned about what they hear in the news etc, about those clinics for druggies, i thought i didn't want people finding out my DR had me on that for FM etc., they look at you funny, then i met a chiropractor that urged me to stop, and find another dr that would help with something that wasn't a narcotic, so i did,

    the withdrawal was pure hell, i can't say enough, it was like i was a druggy at a rehab, but i wasn't i was just a regular mom , that has this kind of pain everyday at home. I toughed it out, witch took over a month to stop being so sick, and finally get an hour or two sleep hear and there,

    I recomend, if she is going to stay on it, to research it as i did, and if she plans on not using this for pain relief forever, to get some help, becuase the stopping process, even tapering feels like close to dying. Thats my honest opinion, but it did work for pain, gained weight also!! I'd rather wait as long as possible to use the strongest of meds when i have no ther choice, your wife may be there now, so if the day ever comes to stop, please have plenty of time to take care of her, and have support & meds to ease it all. My experience was both postive & negative, i wish you both alot of luck & best wishes.