METHADONE does it work well????????????

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    My doctor is weaning me off oxcycoton My request toooo expensive with out coverage met the alllll might Medicare RX Cap.

    So no Rx coverage till Jan......She does not want me in pain.So were going to try methadone she says its dirt cheap and works for pain.

    Anyone use it for pain and how does it affect you???
  2. suzetal

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  3. suzetal

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    hey-----i too was taking oxycycoton--------they did not agree w/ me or my pocketbook!!!!! anyways i have been taking methadone now for almost 1 and a half years w/ excellent results!!!!<p> -of corse there are always pros and cons-----<p> ifeel like i can live again ------this has been a positive switch<p> there are several post on methdone just type in search above /title and content<p> good luck and keep in touch----------<p> LOVE TO ALL-LAURA
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    Hi Sue...for me, methadone has been a lifesaver. Most other narcotics made me sick, and methadone does not. It also helps quite a bit with the pain and doesn't make me loopy. I hope this helps...I definitely think it is worth a try.

    PS My pain doc said that methadone works the best for her fibro patients, so that is encouraging! Good luck, Ann
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    FYI - You might ask your doctor about a drug called Subutex and you stop the Oxycontin immediately with no withdrawals at all. Doctors must be specially licensed to prescribe it so if she is not able to give you a prescription, she might refer you to another doctor.

    Subutex also treats pain. I started Subutex when I stopped MS Contin. The transition was painless. No tapering necessary. You have a lot easier time using Subutex rather than tapering and changing to Methadone.

    I have remained on 16 mg of Subutex for over a year. It has really controlled my fibro pain. The only other pain med I take is 2 Tylenol Gel Caps a day and on occasion some Ultram.

    With Subutex you dissolve it under you tongue - I use 4 mg 4 X day. If you ever want to find out about the Subutex protocol you can contact Dr. Rick Chavez at (310) 798-1633. Dr. Chavez also has a website you can find with the search words "pain and addiction" and his name.

    Dr Chavez has many fibro patients on Subutex doing very well. One lady came clear from Canada to see him. She was in a terrible car accident a few years ago and on a high dose of Oxycontin which was not working for her.

    I am just mentioning this because it might work for you. Subutex is much easier on your system than Methadone, and safer.

    The reason doctors must be specially licensed to prescribe it is because they need to know how it works. I was really afraid when I had to stop the MS Contin. I had taken 60 mg day for nine months. I could not handle the side effects.

    I went to the doctors office when my next dose of MS Contin was due. I was given my first dose of Subutex and stayed at his office for a couple of hours, just for reassurance I think.

    I really did just fine - I could not believe it. Just in case, the doctor gave me several prescriptions for things like nausea, headache - but I had nothing happen.

    I can't tell you what a relief it was to stop the MS Contin and not be afraid of withdrawals. But that is exactly what Subutex does. The trick is you must have a doctor who understands the drug and knows how to monitor you, etc.

    Sorry for butting in here, I just wanted to let you know the drug exists. If you decide on Methadone, I am sure you and your doctor know what is best.

    Actually, my pain doctor offered me the option of going on Methadone instead of the Subutex, but I have a bad problem with my digestion so I opted for the Subutex.

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  7. suzetal

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    I am going to call her about the subutex(SP) first and see what she says .If not I think Ill try the methadone.

    Thank you all for your help.

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