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    I have been using Methadone for my FM and CFS pain. It does help for a longer period of time than any Vicodin or Percocet. I began my Methadone usage becuz I was addicted to the opiates and became pregnant with my now 2yr. old + daughter. I stay on it for my fibro pain. I asked my doc to prescribe the pill form for me but he out right said NO WAY even though my counsellor at the clinic and the doc at the clinic do agree that Methadone does work for this sort of pain and has been used in the past and in the very beginning of methadone for pain issues. --- I can see his side but he's not the one in pain is he? A change of docs MIGHT help which I plan on doing..but I'm setting myself up again for more rejection. My life is just horrible. I look haggard and feel very depressed and worn out! It's not easy taking care of a 2 yr. old and feeling the FM pain and trying to discuss these issues with my partner/family and friends. It's been 10 years now and I just want it(the pain) to stop. Hope all who read can relate. Thanks for listening/reading.

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    So, your pain management doctor doesn't want to give you medicine that's proven effective at relieving your pain? And what is your doctor's reasoning, considering that the people at the clinic have no problem with you receiving the pill form of Methadone? Could you still get it at the clinic or does that entail having to go in every day? Can the clinic doctors give you the pill form, so you don't have to go in daily?

    Both my partner and I have taken Methadone for pain. It works. It's not our preferred pain med, but it DOES work, it works for extended pain relief (i.e., no rollercoaster of pain/no pain/pain/no pain), it's definitely the cheapest pain med...or at least the cheapest one that works. I don't know why your doctor wouldn't want to give it to you. From what I can tell from your history, it seems like the very best option for you. There isn't a high, you already know that it works for you, it's affordable, it's well-known that it provides pain relief for 8-12 hours. What's your doctor's excuse? Does he just want you to remain in pain? Wouldn't that be a good way to put your sobriety at risk, not treating you for pain when you need pain relief? Would your doctor rather you suffered and then finally got fed up and did whatever you could to relieve your pain (i.e., illegal pain meds - not that you should/would do that or that you should bring that up, but it certainly *should* be the doctor's concern when treating an opiate addict for pain) versus him writing a simple prescription for you that you wouldn't abuse?

    I just get so annoyed when doctors don't properly treat their patients for pain. If we all just had the ability to force someone to live with our pain for a week, a month, or for certain people, a good year of feeling our pain (I have a list!), then pain would be treated appropriately.
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    Have you tried any anti-depressants, like Cymbalta? They seem to help a lot of people with their FM pain and perhaps you could at least get a prescription for that to start out.
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    I was on 10mg Methadone for a year along w Norco. My PCP doc prescribed the pills for me with no problem at all. He added it to my regime when the Norco was pooping out on me. It did help a lot by keeping the ebb and flow of pain relief at more of a constant level. Unfortunately, I became tolerant of all the Narcotics and in Jan I decided to get off of them

    Now, I'm not sure why I wake up every morning, I am miserable and in constant pain. I go to a new pain doc today, but I seriously doubt they'll want to give me back any pain meds. I should have never gone off of them. I am so discouraged.

    Meth has a bad reputation unfortunately, but it works great for pain. I never wanted to take any extra, unlike the Norco which wears off after 4 hrs or so. The Meth is much harder to come off of tho, has a much longer half life. It was he!! detoxing, but it's still he!! without it.

    You may have to do a little doctor shopping in order to find one that is concerned with your quality of life. Some of them are so afraid of getting in trouble for rxing narcotics, but you have legitimate pain!! It's really such a crime that so many people are forced to suffer. I have zero quality of life now, don't know what I'm going to do.
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    Dear DemonFairy,
    EXACTLY! You totally get what I'm saying! My doc is my PCP and had prescribed Vicodin/Percocets for my pain and also non narcotic meds as well. And of course the "FIBRO PILLS" ie;Lyrica,Cymbalta,Savella...and some muscle relaxants,anti-deppressants, well you get the idea! I got "hooked" (with a bit of help from my doc who wasn't paying attention) on the pain meds becuz they are only useful for 4 hours or less and I ended up abusing them and having to take more than prescribed..nothing outrageous..maybe up to 8-9 pills a day at the lowest dosage of the pain meds 5/500's. I became pregnant and found that if I detoxed myself off the pain meds I would be hurting the baby so I contacted a place and a nurse who ran a program called MOM (mothers on methadone) and all went well and I now have a happy and healthy 2yr.old+ daughter who is a peach if nothing else! Anywhoo....I now take 115mg's of liquid methadone at a different and closer clinic. I asked my PCP if I could have a script instead of having to have this "thorn in my side" (the clinic) and you know the rest...flat out NO! He has me labled and I find it unfair. His practice has grown soooo big I didn't even speak with him directly..a worker there called me with his answer. Time to change to a pain doc!! I know I am going on but you totally get what I'm saying and I am estatic that someone out there thinks and feels the same way. It was like reading a carbon copy of something I would write back to someone like myself! --- I am just waiting for a medication refill (Prilosec) so I will have my regular meds for 30 days until I can make an appointment with another doc. ----- I also say to myself "only if they knew what it felt like day in and day out" not just the physical pain of the FM but the mental anguish it puts me through! Yeah...I've been in and out of therapy to no avail. --- They just listen and throw depression meds at me. UG!!!!!!!!!! The clinic I go to does not have the pill form of the methadone. I have 6 take home I only need to go once a week to get my 6 bottles. Yet's been almost 3 years in May that I had to go to these clinics and it's time I moved on. My cousin who lives in FL gets pill form from her clinic and she uses them for her heroin addiction! I'm up here in little ol' RHODE ISLAND and the state does not allow methadone clinics to prescribe the pills. So I am going to change docs (which I should have mentioned and also done long ago as my signifigant other has been saying!) but I'm stubborn and negative. I feel that I'm only going to recieve more rejection that's why I have delayed so long in going to a new doc. I'm going to TRY though! And I am also going to ask my counsellor at the clinic (and the dr.who visits the clinic) if they would write a letter or note of reccomendation to this new doctor in my defense to help prescribe the pill form of the Methadone. I have tried to detox 2mg's a week at the clinic but as I told my counsellor and their doctor...I start feeling not only detox pain but also FM "flare up" type pain as well. I AM HOPING this new doc will be understanding and not judgemental like the others. I'm not a hopeless street junkie looking for pain meds..I never really was. All I am now is a woman...a mommy...a wife...who just wants desperately to be out of pain! And the depression and unhappiness that occurs in my life due to the FM pain will slowly dissipate over time...I KNOW THIS..and why most people don't know how we feel is becuz they only "see" our pain and our "sadness" and our "anger and frustration"...I can't blame them..but there are a few peeps I wish could actually "feel" EVERYTHING in my mind,in my body,and in my soul...then they would be less judgemental and more understanding. I'M IN PAIN...NOW LETS DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! And doc doesn't go home at night from work and feel the suffering that I feel everyday. He can kiss my Irish/Italian arse K?!?!?! *L*
    Thank you for replying and most of all for understanding...I know there are others here who are in the same boat and have the same feelings as you and me. I only wish there didn't have to be a FM board....filled with people (like us) in pain and sadness. *sighs* If only....if only there was an easier way to challenge this DD!!!! I'll talk w/u again soon I hope!

    daytripper. X

    "and in the end..the love you take is equal to the love you make.."
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    Yeah, my tolerance level is through the roof, but in the past two or three weeks I haven't been able to afford my Oxycodone, so perhaps I've reset myself at a lower level, at least for a short while.

    Methadone only has a bad reputation among the un and undereducated. Since my doctors and pharmacists aren't among them, I haven't had to worry about any negative reactions about taking Methadone. It certainly isn't for my non-existent heroin habit. I've never touched heroin in my whole life, and would be afraid to do so. I know my drug limits and I'm also lucky in that if there's a genetic component for addiction, I don't have it. I've never liked the taste of alcohol, so I don't drink. Everything "bad" (that I was *willing* to try - I didn't go crazy trying too much), I tried once, when I was 17, so at 45, that's all long behind me. I didn't like it, so once was enough for me.

    I understand why you decided to get off your meds, but what I don't understand is why you're not trying to get meds again to deal with your pain. I hope that your new pain mgt doctor is willing to let you go back on your meds since you're certainly capable of stopping on your own if you feel it's necessary.
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    I understand what you're saying, about wanting the pill form, but in the meantime, since you're able to have 6 take home bottles of Methadone, wouldn't it now be a good time to look for a new doctor that would be willing to treat your pain? It must be difficult in Rhode Island, being so small, but there must be someone out there willing to help you. But in the meantime, stick with the liquid Methadone, to keep the worst of the FM at bay.

    I know it's easy for me to say, but don't feel so stubborn & negative. Right now, you do have the clinic people on your side, so you have your liquid Methadone, regardless of what any lousy doctor will say. But, if you can find a *good* doctor, and s/he can talk to the clinic people and see how compliant you've been, hopefully you'll find a doctor who is willing to help you with the pain. Once your pain is under control, you should feel better about life in general. But don't discount anti-depressants, even if you're only taking them for pain control. They work for a lot of people and take the edge off their pain. Sadly, they didn't work for me, nor did Lyrica (I had bad side effects - jumbo swollen feet & ankles and exxxxxxxtreme exhaustion), and my pain mgt doctor said that he hasn't had much luck with Savella with any of his patients, so I'm not going to even bother.

    I've also found that adding some Ibuprofen helps a bit with the pain, although right now my pain is pretty bad. I really need to find a way to afford my Oxycodone prescription because the cold weather we've had lately (I admit it, my body is a wuss - I grew up in S. CA and I now live in Las Vegas, but damp and in the 40's is hard on me) is really amping up my pain. Plus, my Methadone was supposed to be an additional med to go w/ my Oxycodone, so I'm going to run out of the cheap stuff very soon. Ah, it's all so annoying. I'm waiting for my disability case to settle (I hope. The SSA has had my info for 8 months now and my lawyer said that they'll be making a decision within the next couple of weeks), so I can stop borrowing money from people (because in my condition, I can't work - one good day spent out running minor errands requires a week of rest just about bedridden), and I'll hopefully be able to get help getting my meds cheaper, too. I, of course, no longer can afford insurance. It's a vicious cycle, this getting sick, having back surgery, having big medical bills, losing your job, losing your car, your home, etc. I'm anxious to find out how I might feel without the stress of worrying every single month about whether I'm going to be kicked out of my house (I lost my home of 9 years to foreclosure and am now renting it back at a sickeningly high rate from Freddie Mac), whether I'm going to be able to keep the utilities on, etc.

    I finally gave in and asked for help from the govt., but I'm not sure what it'll entail. My orientation is next week. The best I'm hoping for is for them to help me get my meds paid for and to get food stamps. Man, food stamps...I grew up solidly middle class, never having to worry about a thing except normal kid stuff. My life was pretty good until I was 41, but the past 4 years have sucked royally. I've always been an empathetic person, but now I'm Super Empath!!! :)

    If you ever want to talk, check out my profile and you'll find ways to reach me. I'm usually up in the wee hours of the night, which is when I feel a little better. Maybe it's the quiet that helps. The quiet and a nice warm cat (or two or three or six) on my lap.
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    I just posted about my pain doc appt, check it out. Thanks for the reply. H

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