Methadone overdose??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by willruthie1965, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. I am very concerned about what happened to Anna Nicole Smith's Son.,Are there alot of people taking methadone and also antidepressants? I am wondering how much had he taken.
    Please someone I am scared, I take both for pain. Ruthie
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    Hi, I also just read that it turned out the young man had been RXed methadone. I think its important to be very careful with that stuff. Check with your MD and make sure you are really on the right dosage for your body size. And make sure your MD knows what anti-depressants you are on. In my HMO, the two departments don't communicate, psych & medical. So I'm on my own as far as protecting myself.

    I also have a lung disease and sleep apnea that effects my breathing and make me "high risk" for checking out in my sleep. I make sure and wear my CPAP machine ANY time I lay down just in case. It makes sure there is a continuing flow of o2 into my long as I breath through my nose. We've really got to be our own advocates in the medical system. Most MD's are too busy or its not part of their agenda to check on things like that.

    I don't take as much metho as they RX'd me to take. It made me too graggy. I take the minimal unless I have days like today. THAT IS JUST ME!!!!! I am NOT suggesting you do the same. Check with your MD, tell them your fears. ASAP.

    Good luck. MM
  3. All Itake is 10 miligrams of methadone,I think this is a small amount, Anyone else taking it?

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