Methadone vs. Duragesic Patch

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kmelodyg, May 24, 2003.

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    Hey everybody! I am doing some big time reseach for my mother who has just started taking Methadone. So far, I have heard wonderful things about it. The only downfalls were MAJOR constipation (what else is new?!), major fatigue (yeah we all have that already!), and weight gain (deja vu!)! So, are there any more downfalls? If its so great, why aren't doctors passing it out like candy to all of us extreme chronic pain suffers? I need to be on a extended pain med because I can't keep taking Percocet forever. My liver is going to fall out!! And I do not want to go on Oxycontin. So, should I look into it too? Some others have said good things about the Duragesic Patches. That sounds good to me. I hate popping pills all day long. And I would LOVE to function in a normal everday way someday!! It kind of gives me hope! I know that going off of these meds can be a B***H, but I am sick of suffering! Any input??

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    Hi, been on Duragesic 50 mcg for close to a year now. It is great for giving you constant relief, but there are still breakthrough just like with any other long acting medications. I was on Oxycodone, Oxycontin, and all the rest of the spectrum for pain. I would like to tell you though there is a great drug I also take for breakthrough, on top of the fentanyl patch. I now am on Actiq, which is a fentynal sucker, for my breakthrough. That is a wonder drug if you ask me. That little sucker helps me be about as pain free as I have been in years, without all the side-effects. However, because it is designated for "cancer pain", the insurance companies are not letting us chronic pain suffers get the benefit of this drug. Why designate what pain is bad enough, it helps no matter the cause. But my pain doctor gives me coupons for them so they are at no cost until the drug company makes them for all pain sufferers, which should be this fall. The Duragesic patch in itself is a God-send.
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    I have been on methadone for a year now. And I think it is much safer than any other narcotic. I take 40mgs. a day and that seems to cut the FM pain. I also have been on the patch. It works well-but is expensive, and not any more effective than methadone. They both are hard to stop taking. You can taper off of methadone easier than the patch.(if need be).Definately methadone over the patch!