Methadone withdrawl

Discussion in 'Detoxification' started by teak, Mar 23, 2010.

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    Can anyone tell us how long to expect withdrawls from methadone? My husband is on week 4 and doing better but is still very weak to work.
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    He is almost there.I would love to hear about how much he was taking and how long and if he slowly weened off . I am on methadone and I want to get off it soon. I have alot of ideas how to help. I have been reading up on it for 2 years. Please get back to me as soon as possible. Ruthie
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    I hope this may be of some help. It might be an idea to research Dr. Drew Pinsky and his Celebrity Rehab and Sober House shows and check them out. His one celebrity client was Mike Starr formerly from the Band Alice in Chains, who had been on methadone. I remember even after Mike graduated Celebrity Rehab and went to Sober House he was having some bad episodes at times and Dr. Pinsky explained to the Sober House manager and to Mike that methadone is very hard to come off of and he would have some problems here and there for maybe 6 months to a year. It seems the drug really grabs on and impacts the brain for a long time after you stop use.

    If you're going to wean off, work with a doctor, and definitely ask what to expect in the next few months to a year and how to help if there are any incidents. Good luck.
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    My apologies for the late reply, my wife (who did the original posting) checked for a while but did not see any replies so I hope I am not too late to comment for you. I was taking 40mg/ day and was only on it for 18 months, I found that it was doing more harm than good and as I felt we had made a little progress on the Lyme's disease I decided to go off of it. I stopped taking it on March 2nd and was prepared for the withdrawl as I had gotten off of Fentanyl in 2001 but I was not prepared for the length of the withdrawl. I tried to "ween" off of it by taking 8 vicodin per day but after 2 days I realized it would take more than twice that amount to lessen the withdrawl symptoms (even 12 did not help very much) so I went "cold-turkey" from that point. The fentanyl took about 2 weeks to get off of and after 2 weeks with out the methadone I did not feel like I was even close to that far through the process. I missed over 1 month of work and went back 1/2 time for another week or two. Part of the problem was that I now had untreated pain (I am not sure why you are taking it) and have had to deal with that ever since. I was getting less that 2 hours of sleep per night (I know it is hard to believe but it was true even with Ambien or Lunesta) and that lasted for a couple of months. I can say that it was worth it now but I have to tell you it was the worst experience of my life by a long shot (and I have been dealing with chronic pain for 30+ years) and even to this day I still have infrequent minor withdrawl symptoms (chills, cold clammy skin, headaches, etc...) but I can work through them. The literature on methadone says "the patient may experience some withdrawl" but I would say it is a major understatement not so much in intensity but in longevity. I want to encourage you that when you do decide to get off of it, if your experience is anything like mine, get ready for a long battle but keep your eyes and heart on the goal which for me was freedom from the slavery of methadone dependence. God bless you and hang in there, my wife and I have prayed for you and will continue to do so.