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  1. bentleysaunt

    bentleysaunt New Member

    hey its bentleys aunt and i;m just learning the computer so i;m not going to worry about spelling or caps ect. this may noit helpful but... i've been on and off mostly on narcotics for pain for almost 20 years. i unfortunately have an extremly high tolerance for pain meds. currently and for about the past year have been taking methadone 40 mgs. twice a day. recently its not been enough. i experienced about an 8 lb. weight gain. it did help for quite a long time but i needed something for breakthrough pain and my doctor won't give it. i would at least try it for a week or so. it really has helped me. but not as much as ms contin so i'm going to see if she'll put me back on ms contin. i experienced low to no nausea but, that could bee that my tolerance is so high. good luck ,much luv.
  2. sami

    sami New Member

    methadone is the ONLY thing that helps my pain....
    i take 40-60 mgs twice a day and then add in 10 or more as needed.....i have been on it for years and it still works!!!!
    nothing else even makes a dent for me...

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