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  1. daytrippersoul

    daytrippersoul New Member

    I'm back again...I come and go. Anywhoo! I am looking for a doctor who would presscribe methadone specifically for pain. I was taking percocets but i became pregnant and had to go on methadone for the withdrawls from the perks who do alot of stress type damage to the baby. I realize the methadone helps with my fibro pain. But no one..even the clinc doc and my PCP believes me! Could someone help in finding me a doctor who would listen and also prescribe this med for my pain? I'm very tired of having to go to the clinic everyday!
    Thank you much!
    daytripper :eek:)

    PS - I live in Rhode Island.
  2. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    Sorry, I don't have an answer but my daughter is going thru the same thing. She is searching for a doc so she won't have to go to the clinic. We live in VA . Guess she will be on something the rest of her life. Her story the same as yours and the clinics are so expensive.

    I will be watching for helpful post and hoping you will get an answer then maybe I could pass it on to her..

    God Bless,
  3. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    Too bad you do not live in Redondo Beach CA - close to Los Angeles. My pain doctor is excellent and is not afraid to prescribe the proper meds to stop your pain. Many years ago I was on MS Contin and it really did stop the terrible pain cycle. I stayed on it 9 months then had to stop due to side effects (I had gallstones and it caused me terrible problems).

    My doctor knew the MS Contin really did help and actually did not want me to stop. He offered to let me try the Methadone. Fortunately for me, the drug I took to get off the MS Contin, stopped my fibro pain so I have stayed on it all these years.

    Dr. Chavez has patients see him from all over the US and one from Canada. I have seen him for over 5 years. He is just so knowledgable about treating pain, and he is the most compassionate doctor I have ever met. He is a internist and also has a degree in psychology so perhaps that is why he seems more compassionate. He is never rushed and wants to hear everything.

    Dr. Rick Chavez
    (310) 798-1633
  4. luckyman

    luckyman New Member

    Have you done much reading about methadone? It is helpful for many people with FMS, but is more dangerous and harmful to the body than opiates from what I've read. The real drawback for me is that the dosing and scheduling is very important with methadone. Forgetting and taking a second dose, could cause serious problems, even death. I don't have the statistics at hand, but it is definitely riskier than the opiates. If you are like I am, the pain is quite variable during the day. (and night) I do not take my hydrocodone as directed because it doesn't work for me as prescribed. I need to take more when the pain hits hard. There is simply no such thing as heading off this pain by taking them on a regular schedule. I take what I need to use, when I need it. With methadone, the forgetting, or when taking when needed seems like a bad idea, possibly a really bad idea.

    I'm going to have to consider something stronger than the hydrocodone 10/325's that Im taking right now, but methadone combined with my inconsitant schedules doesn't seem to fit my needs. It is inexpensive though. Good luck in finding the right single or combo for you.
  5. greatgran

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    My daughter takes methadone everyday and first thing in the morning. I am sure she is so addicted by now but can't do without it. She was on hydrocodone and it got till she was having to take more and more it just wasn't doing her any good.

    It kills me to see her on this medicine wondering what all it is doing to her body. But for now she is unable to function without it. She has ask for them to start tapering her off but they say she isn't ready because of all the stresses going on with family and money issues.

    There are times I blame the clinic , she went there for help to get off the hydrocodone and they started her on the methadone . I feel its a money making market for them .

    The only good thing I can say is she isn't in any pain and is able to work, now raising her grandchildren, is a widow and has no help , plus all three of her children have moved back in
    to help with the bills all that would drive me crazy...

    Not sure what the big picture is but shes able to do much much more than I.

    Seems there are just no answers.

    God Bless,
  6. DemonFairy

    DemonFairy New Member

    I took Methadone completely safely (as did my partner) and I would've loved to have stayed on it ($13/mo versus $165/mo for Oxycodone), except it made me soooooo tired (fell asleep at my desk, in the bathroom, etc.), and it also affected an old bladder problem. It was the bladder problem that made me stop, but my partner took it for a year and had good pain relief.

    There should be articles all over the internet that show Methadone being used successfully for pain management. Just copy a bunch of those for your doctor. They shouldn't even be difficult to find.

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