Methyl b12 shots for Fibromyalgia

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    I have been sick for 7 years and was just diagnosed a year ago with Fibromyalgia. I did allot of research on this syndrome. I tested positive for 1298 MTHFR. This is a defect in the pathway that converts inactive b12 into active b12. It's allot more complicated than this, but I'm keeping it simple. This is new data and sorry to say most doctors don't know this. Anyways, without enough active b12 the nervous system and immune system are affected. Glothione also plays an important role in our's our mother anti-toxant. This helps us deal with stress and also elimenats toxins and especially heavy metals (mercury,lead.arsnic,ect) in our body. Glothione can not be produced without active b12. So, the first step in treating true fibromyalgia or CFS is to be tested for MTHFR. These are about 50 strains but they only know about 2 of them. The 677(you need B9 folate/ not folic acid for this is the inactive form) and 1298 (you need methyl b12/ active form). Interestly, the inactive form is the only kind regular pharmacys ( CVS, Walgreens, ect.) carry, the cyno b12...........this inactive form contains cynide...that's right, the poison. Of course that useless organization, the FDA says it's a small amount but won't hurt you. So to obtain methyl b12 injections you need a prescribtion and need to have it filled at a compounding pharmacy. Not all compounding pharmacies do sterile injections. if you are wealthy, you can even get IV gluthione and Chelation therapy ( if you test positive for heavy metals ). Just some information I have collected from studies done in USA and Europe mainly. The problem is finding a doctor who will give you a prescribtion methyl b12 injections. I just went to my new doctor in florida who advertises she specializes in Fibromyalgia. I brought all my documentation to her and she still wouldn't do it. I guess I have to go to alternative medicine doctor. I'm in southwest Florida................does anyone know of a doctor in florida who will prescribe the methyl b12 injections? I have been on the sl form that I found at the Vitamin helps alittle with fatigue and with my pheripheral neuropathy. I believe I have found the cure for this nasty disorder that has completely destroyed my life.