methylation block lifting - side effects?

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    Oh how we need an effective search function on this board!

    I had my appointment with Dr Luepnitz, who is a nutritionist PhD. I've been a bit busy with life to post about it, but the main outcomes were supplements that are very like those used to lift the methylation block and a suspicion of gluten allergies that prefer my neurological system to my gut (no celiac disease). For some reason, magnesium has not been added yet - something to do with waiting to see how I do while on these supplements. I'm waiting for one of them to arrive in the mail, but have started the others. I don't have the ribose with ATP, but have started lecithin, CoQ10, and TMG with methyl B12. I am also supposed to increase my consumption of asparagus, avocado, eggplant, dark cocoa/chocolate, honey, turkey, kiwi, banana, pineapple, walnuts, processed tomato products (not whole raw tomatoes), and fruit in the plum family.

    I am wondering what to expect when the methylation block begins to lift - I've heard that symptoms can worsen, but wondered which ones.
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    >>>I am wondering what to expect when the methylation block begins to lift - I've heard that symptoms can worsen, but wondered which ones.<<<

    I'm a firm believer in the Law of Attraction. If you go into this expecting symptoms to get worse, they will and you will probably be very fixated on them. Instead of wondering what can go wrong, focus on what it will feel like to have your symptoms lesson over time.
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    Hi justdifferent,

    The things that happen when your methylation cycle starts working better seem to be caused by your body starting to get rid of whatever junk has accumulated while you've been sick.

    Not methylating well is like being a city with an understaffed sanitation department. The garbage doesn't get picked up as well as it should.

    The symptoms I had were like the symptoms of detoxing any kind of bad stuff. One person described the experience as feeling like a hangover. It wasn't the same as the symptoms of CFS or FM. It was a unique set of symptoms.

    I would suggest proceeding slowly so that you keep the detox symptoms at a manageable level. There are also benefits, like sleeping better and losing excess weight and feeling your endocrine system heal. You might want to watch your hormones, if you take any, because you may need to cut back on the doses of hormone supplements at some point.

    I think it does help to take EFAs while doing this. I was already taking the max amount of them that I could before starting. Good luck! Let us know how your treatment goes.