Methylation Block treatment from basic to advanced

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    Just because I was reading and thought others might want to also!
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    Hi, I have CFS (brain fog, lethargy, muscle fatigue, brain fatigue, depression, non restorative sleep etc.) Possibly candida.
    I am really interested by this protocol which Rich has kindly suggested, but the problem for me and many others is that it is written too complicated!
    Is there a simplified summary we could maybe have saying what to do/take and why?
    Many thanks, Sid
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    Sid, if you look at the 3rd post on page one, Rich gives the simplified treatment. If you don't want to wade through everything, just look at the list of supplements and how to use them. You don't need to know what's wrong with our methylation problems nor how the treatment works. You can just do it. Rich has passed away and we miss him terribly. He was brilliant and contributed a great deal to our understanding and treatment options.

    Good luck.

    Love, Mikie
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    Sid - one more thing. If a person has a B12 or folate deficiency, Rich's methylation protocol can cause a sudden drop in potassium levels. This is because suddenly starting to correct these deficiencies, which Rich's protocol will help do, can cause a sudden increased need for potassium as the body starts to heal itself. So the potassium deficiency in itself is not a bad thing - it means the protocol is working, the body is starting to work properly and needs more potassium to do so - but if the potassium deficiency is not corrected, it can cause severe problems. One of the first symptoms is a debilitating fatigue.

    I raised this issue of potential low potassium and the methylation protocol with Rich and he finally conceded that it was a possibility and he included a warning about it in his last form of the protocol. I wish he had stressed it more. I (and a lot of other people) had difficulty following Rich's protocol. I assumed all my symptoms (fatigue, feeling crappy) were due to detoxing but in hindsight I think it is very likely that many of these symptoms were actually caused by low potassium, which is so easily fixed.

    I learned about the potassium issue on the Phoenix Rising forum from a poster named Freddd, who had his own methylB12/folate protocol, very similar to Rich's, but he stressed the potassium issue. When I started Freddd's protocol, within a couple of days my energy increased markedly, it was great, and then a few days later I felt like I had been hit by a tank, horrible fatigue and lethargy. And if I had not known about the low potassium issue, I would have stopped. But since I did know, I started taking potassium (worked up to 1000 mg. a day for several days) and the fatigue disappeared. I now take 400 mg. potassium a day as a maintenance dose.

    You can read more about Freddd's protocol here:

    I know this all seems so complicated but it's really worth reading. Go slow, take a couple of days to go through it, it's worth (both Freddd's protocol and Rich's)

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