"Methylation Problems Lead to 100's of Diseases" by Suzy Cohen

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    Nice article. Thanks for posting it.
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    Good article, Nanie. You may recall that Rich VanK was huge on methylation. He designed a protocol to increase methylation and wrote a lot about it. I've been doing a sort of modified version of that protocol, using folate (metafolin) and methylcobalamin. In 2-1/2 years my ability to detox, or ease of detox, has greatly increased. I used to react very strongly to all sorts of things - cilantro, apple cider vinegar, systemic enzymes, anything that conceivably could cause any sort of "cleansing" was a huge red flag for me - for me it meant very uncomfortable detoxing. And now most of those things don't bother me any more. Of course I still crash (post-exertional malaise) and am currently working on a mercury detox to see if that will help.

    For people who want more info, do a search on this board for methylation protocol.

    Also, I found I tolerated better a protocol by Freddd on the Phoenix Rising board instead of Rich's methylation protcol - see http://forums.phoenixrising.me/index.php?threads/active-b12-protocol-basics.10138/

    And if you consider doing Freddd's protocol, read very carefully what he has to say about potassium. The protocol greatly increased my need for potassium as cells started to heal and work properly and if I had not known that, would have stopped taking the supplements as low potassium made me very very tired and lethargic.

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    Hi Mary,

    Yes, I followed Rich VanK's work and I followed his simplified protocol for awhile, but not long enough.
    I plan to get the testing done through 23andme. It doesn't cost very much. Then I will add some supps back in as indicated. I still have some of them.

    I think I have detox problems for sure, not in the same way you describe though.

    I'll check out Freddd's protocol when I get a chance. Thanks for the info!
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    Thanks for posting this Nanie. Extraordinarily good article.
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    Note that probiotics are mentioned. I believe probiotics are absolutely essential go good health.

    Love, Mikie