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    According to my recent Metametrix Ion profile test results I still have a huge bacterial and fungal problem despite of being on Nystatin for the past 3+ years.

    I am going after it with an army of amphotericin (antifungul), threelac, oxygen, zeolite, larch bark and probiotics.

    I just started using cream of tartar 4 days ago (1/4 tsp x 3 day). I am now doing ½ tsp x 3 day.

    I am very excited about this latest addition because I can tell that it is really working.

    However, I was wandering how it effects the methylation process? The information bellow is from the DAN conference and it mentions that tartaric from yeast blocks Krebs cycle. Any Ideas?

    Woody McGinnis, MD - Physical Health in Autism and How to Improve It.

    Current thinking about autism and ADHD necessarily converges on the gut. MOST AUTISTIC CHILDREN HAVE SIGNIFICANT GUT DISEASE.

    Factors Which Aggravate Oxidative Stress in the Gut

    Endogenous toxins: Organic acids (exmpale: arabinose from yeast or maldigestion forms pentosidine cross linkages to block B6, biotin and lipoic acid; tartaric from yeast blocks Krebs Cycle); Pyrroles (Mauve Factor) blocks p450, heme synthesis, extremely reactive.

    I am also experimenting now with adding d-Ribose but not sure of its effect on the yeast problem.

    I would appreciate any comments.

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    I appreciate your taking the time to answer this. You seem to have a lot of knowledge on this and many other subjects.

    I stopped taking the antifungal as I can tell that it could be of greater benefit for me to use CoT at this point. I am also hoping that Threelac would do its magic. So, for the time being my plan is to stick to my gluten-free, yeast-free diet (it used to be strictly GFCF, but I have been experimenting with Goat yogurt and kefir and seem to be OK with it), CoT, Threelac with oxygen elements, larch Bark, probiotics. and charcoal.

    It is with great interest that I’ve been following for quite some time now your exchange with the others on this board regarding the methylation protocol, as I find some interesting similarities between my own and Dr. Yasko’s simplified version. The only reason why I was hesitating to join the discussion is because English is not my first language.

    I have had CFS for over 17 years now. I was diagnosed with it following some kind of viral onset and was found to be positive for EBV, HHV-6, CMV, and ANA.

    In my quest to get better, like so many of us here, I tried everything that could possibly make sense. One of the things I did was to have my amalgams removed. Unfortunately, it was done without any safe and precautionary methods and my health eventually spiraled even further as I’ve become almost completely bedridden.

    None of the numerous doctors that I have seen could help me and that is why I can truly credit all the nutritional supplements that I was taking to be able to finally get out of that bed.

    A few years ago I discovered the DAN protocol and was able to incorporate some of its elements in my own treatment. In addition to my previous supplements, I added Nystatin, Methylcobalamin B-12 injections, vit. B-complex, Folinic acid, P-5-P, TMG, Magnesium, zinc, vit. A. All of that made a huge difference for me.

    However, as much as I am getting better physically, there is no real improvement in my cognitive skills. Obviously there needs to be some tweaking done in my treatment.

    I would be interested to know how useful my Metametrix Ion Profile test results are in comparison to the tests offered by Dr. Yasko. I hope that perhaps richvank, if he reads this post, could advise me on this.

    Finally, I really wish for you that your own recent CBC test results turn out to be just a false alarm and you will get some good news instead.

    Best wishes,

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