METHYLATION PROTOCOL; Could someone fill me in please???

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  1. Could someone please tell me where to find this methylation protocol?? I would like to try it, but can't seem to find the details (dosages, etc). I asked some follow-up questions to IanH and Rich on a couple of other people's posts, but haven't gotten responses yet. Thanks so much for any info you can give!
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    Below is Rich's protocol, revised as of March 2011 - I believe it's the latest version, but if not, hopefully Rich will jump in and correct it.

    Also - you need to be aware that the protocol may cause a rather sudden increased need for potassium. Symptoms of potassium deficiency include heavy fatigue and lethargy, and can be mistaken for detox symptoms.

    There is a similar protocol devised by Freddd of the Phoenix Rising board (see, and it was from Freddd that I learned about the possibility of potassium deficiency induced by these protocols, which is easily remedied by taking potassium, but first you have to be aware that this is the problem. I did better on Freddd's protocol than Rich's, but many people have been helped a lot by Rich's protocol. Only experimentation can tell you which you will respond to better.


    Rich's methylation protcol:

    March 30. 2011

    IN CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME—March 30, 2011 Revision
    Rich Van Konynenburg. Ph.D.
    (Based on the full treatment program
    developed by Amy Yasko, Ph.D., N.D.
    which is used primarily in treating autism [1])


    1. General Vitamin Neurological Health Formula [2]: Start with ¼ tablet and increase dosage as tolerated to 2 tablets daily
    2. Hydroxy B12 Mega Drops [3]: 2 drops under the tongue daily
    3. MethylMate B [4]: 3 drops under the tongue daily
    4. Folinic acid [5]: ¼ capsule daily
    5. Phosphatidyl Serine Complex [6]: 1 softgel capsule daily (or lecithin, see below)

    All these supplements can be obtained from (commercial website removed, not permitted).
    The fourth supplement comes in capsules that contain 800 mcg. It will be necessary to open the capsules, dump the powder onto a flat surface, and separate it into quarters using a knife to obtain the daily dose. The powder can be taken orally with water, with or without food.
    These supplements can make some patients sleepy, so in those cases they take them at bedtime. In general, they can be taken at any time of day, with or without food.
    Phosphatidyl serine can lower cortisol levels. Patients who already have lower than normal cortisol may wish to substitute lecithin [7] (at one softgel daily) for supplement number 5 above. Lecithin is also available from (removed)
    GO SLOWLY. As the methylation cycle block is lifted, toxins are released and processed by the body, and this can lead to an exacerbation of symptoms. IF THIS HAPPENS, try smaller doses, every other day. SLOWLY work up to the full dosages.
    Although this treatment approach consists only of nonprescription nutritional supplements, a few patients have reported adverse effects while on it. Therefore, it is necessary that patients be supervised by physicians while receiving this treatment.

    [1] Yasko, Amy, Autism, Pathways to Recovery, Neurological Research Institute, 2009, available from (removed).
    [2] General Vitamin Neurological Health Formula is formulated and supplied by Holistic Health Consultants LLC.
    [3] Hydroxy B12 Mega Drops is a liquid form of hydroxocobalamin (B12), supplied by Holistic Health Consultants. 2 drops is a dosage of 2,000 mcg.
    [4] MethylMate B is a liquid form of (6s)-methyltetrahydrofolate supplied by Holistic Health Consultants, based on Extrafolate S, a trademark of Gnosis S.P.A. 3 drops is a dosage of 210 mcg.
    [5] Folinic acid is 5-formyltetrahydrofolate. ¼ capsule is a dosage of 200 mcg.
    [5] Phosphatidyl Serine Complex is a product of Vitamin Discount Center. 1 softgel is a dosage of 500 mg.
    [7] Lecithin is a combination of phospholipids without phosphatidylserine. One softgel is a dosage of 1,200 mg.

  3. Thanks, Mary, for all the info! I've heard different protocols mentioned on this site and wish there was a place to read up about all of them. Before trying anything, I would really like to read more and compare the different protocols. Mary, do you know how I can go about learning the different protocols and the premise behind each one? Anything you can pass along is greatly appreciated!
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    Okay - here's a link to something Rich posted on the Phoenix Rising board, which has a TON of information about the methylation protocol which he has devised: -

    It has the reasoning and science behind the protocol. It can be a bit overwhelming but maybe skim it through and try to digest it little by little. Also, Rich is very good at answering questions, and if you make a post directed to him by his user name (Richvank), you should get a reply.

    Rich's main theory (I think, and correct me if I'm wrong, Rich!) is that CFS is caused by a glutathione depletion and methylation cycle block, and his protocol is designed to overcome that. Unfortunately, things like heavy metal toxicity or maybe even viruses can prevent the protocol from doing what it is supposed to do. I had trouble with his protocol and believe it was partly due to 3 things: the folic acid in the original protocol (folic acid is no longer part of the protocol), heavy metals, and induced potassium deficiency which I thought was detoxing. So I might do better on his protocol now that the folic acid has been removed, and now that I am regularly supplementing with potassium. But I think for me heavy metals are still a problem.

    The other protocol which I am familiar with is Freddd's, called a B-12 protocol. It has a lot in common with Rich's, and if you go to the link I provided above for Fredd on Phoenix Rising, you can learn more about what he's doing and why. And Freddd, like Rich, is generous with his knowledge and generally will answer questions if you direct them to him on the PR website.

    Freddd writes a lot about potassium and how starting to take things like metafolin (folate - NOT FOLIC ACID) or comparable supplements (such as those in the methylation protocol) can cause a sudden increased need for potassium as the body starts healing. I was extremely grateful for this information, for once I started his protocol, my energy markedly improved for a couple of days until I hit a brick wall and boom! was completely wiped out, which turned out to be a potassium deficiency. I would not have had a clue what to do unless I had been forewarned.

    I hope this helps. You're in for a lot of reading! But hopefully it will be worth it -

    Best wishes,

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    Hi, Godismystrength.

    If you would prefer to watch a video, this protocol and the rationale behind it are covered in this video and the slides that go with it. The slides are available by clicking on the blue print below the video:

    Best regards,

  6. Thanks so much, Mary, for taking the time to share all that great info... (I'm a little confused about the B-12 though... shouldn't the amount be in milligrams instead of micrograms, Rich?)

    And Rich, I will definitely watch the video... thanks so much for the link. Hopefully, I'll get all this figured out sooner than later. Anxious to start moving in the right direction. So thankful for this sight! Thanks again.. Shel

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