methylation protocol: what next?

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    So all this renewed talk of success on the methylation protocol is making me wonder if I should delve into the full protocol. I'm already on the simplified protocol and fairly high functioning as a combined result of it and other treatments. Where would I begin if I wanted to pursue the full protocol? It seems so daunting. Should I get one of those expensive genetic tests done? Thanks for your thoughts,

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    Nightly, I take one sublingual tablet of hydroxocobalamin (I will never spell that correctly even if my life depends on it, which it might, haha), a quarter of a FolaPro tablet and a quarter of the Intrisi B12/Folate tablet which I'll be switching out for the one with folinic acid since I just read Rich's recommendation about that. I don't take the phosphatidyl serine since that makes me extremely tired, but I do take DHA and GLA. I'm on CFS_Yasko group, but I'm nervous about wading through all the stuff there. I wish there were a cheat sheet, but obviously I'll put in the effort if I think it will be worth the try.
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    I'm sorry, but what does PR stand for? I am assuming you are taking the whey protein in order to increase your glutathione levels? I've steered clear of it because of a dairy allergy, but I take a couple other supplements that are supposed to help with the manufacturing of glutathione. Eventually I want to get back on MaxGXL (a proprietary product) which contains all of the necessary building blocks of glutathione (as opposed to just taking straight glutathione which your body immediately breaks down and renders useless), but I'm waiting until I've finished with chelation. I found coq10 immensely helpful initially after blood tests showed extremely low levels, but now I find that if I take it too often, it makes my heart race. Hope the whey protein goes well for you.