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  1. Shannah

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    I haven't been here for months and of course am having a hard time adjusting to the changes.

    I'm looking for the latest in Rich's Methylation Protocol but nothing seems to be coming up in my searches.

    Would someone familiar with it be kind enough to offer further direction.

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    Here are a couple of links that I've saved. The search feature here isn't working very well since the site changed over.
  3. Shannah

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    Thanks hermitlady - Love your name.
  4. richvank

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    Hi, Shannah.

    Thank you for your continuing interest in the methylation treatment.

    I haven't been posting as much lately, because I've been focusing on analyzing the data from a clinical research study of this treatment, in preparation to present a poster paper on it at the upcoming IACFS/ME conference in Reno in March.

    This study involved 30 women with both CFS and FM, with a treatment duration of 6 months, using the simplified treatment approach discussed in my post of July 18, 2007.

    The results look very good, but I can't get into the details until after the paper is presented. You can find the more recent things I've written in the files section of the Yahoo CFS-Yasko group's website.

  5. Diva55

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    I've bumped the Methylation Protocol - the Basics, just in case people have missed this as not much discussion is going on these days on this board.

    My personal opinion is that Dr. Myhill has a very differing view on the Methylation protocol as her supplements do not match Rich's! But it's up to you if you want a wider view on what various people are proposing.

    As Rich said: If you want to get more info on people trying the protocol & also the longer Yasko Protocol (from which the Simple Methylation Protocol was taken) then the CFS_Yahoo Yasko group may be worth a visit.

    Hi Rich - looking forward to your results!

    Best wishes
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  6. Forebearance

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    Good luck at the conference in March, Rich! I wish I could be there!


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