Methylfolate and mercury detoxing

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    I'd been taking 1600 mcg. of methylfolate (Solgar) for about 4 years, together with lots of methylcobalamin and did very well with the folate, apart from an initial drop in potassium which was easily fixed. It increased my energy and I felt better overall than I had in years, though I still crashed regularly.

    And then I read jimbo's post about how higher doses of folate (I think 5000 to 6000 mcg.) really helped his methylation and energy. So I doubled my folate (yes, should have gone slowly) to 3200 mcg. and had a major detox reaction from mercury (my chiro who does muscle testing said that mercury was showing up). This was the strongest detox I'd ever had, was very spacey, tired, I still functioned somewhat but was definitely impaired.

    Anyways, I cut the folate back to my original dose, but am still detoxing, though not as much as before.

    I saw where jimbo posted elsewhere that slow methylation causes toxins to build up.

    Anyways, I just wanted to make others aware of this. I'm hoping that the detoxing is a good thing, am just tired of it --

    My chiro gave me Spanish black radish by Standard Process which is supposed to help with detoxing. Also I've taken charcoal too. It hasn't affected my digestion much, mainly my brain - spaciness, difficultly concentrating and so on.

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    Hi Mary- Sorry to hear about your major detox reaction. Yes, poor methylation causes many different kinds of toxins to build up in our bodies. My experience tells me that your detox experience,"in this context" is a "good thing".

    I, like you, have experienced years of detoxing, from what seems like almost anything, but methylation is the only one that has really paid off, that's why I say its a good thing "in this context". You might want to try burdock root or dandelion root for detox symptoms.

    I was getting regular flu-like flares that lasted 5-10 days once or twice a month, about 2 years ago, then I started drinking a strong tea of burdock root and dandelion root. Within a week my flares were gone and never returned with that length of duration or intensity.

    I now take capsules, it's much easier and I know exactly how much I'm getting. These are great detoxifiers and are very gentle at low doses, but are very strong at higher doses. They are actually known as blood purifiers and are very safe, in fact most grocery stores sell fresh burdock root.

    If you decide to take the dandelion or burdock root, I would start with one 4-500mg cap or tab and add another no earlier than every 4 days to keep detox symptoms to a minimum. I would keep going up on them until you feel symptom relief. When you are ready to start the methylfolate again, I would start at 200mcg and go up as you are comfortable.

    I am still doing very well. A little background on me- I have been disabled and on ssdi since 1993. In the last seven years I have tried most of the main protocols for cfs/fm without any success, until methylation. I am walking about 4 miles a week, in addition to 2-3 hours a day of cooking, cleaning and other chores. Many of my symptoms continue to lessen, IBS, fatigue, mental fog, and fibro pain have all improved. About 3-4 months ago I was functioning at 10-15%, so you can imagine my enthusiasm. Good luck Mary..... Jim
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    Jim - thanks so much for your reply. I did use dandelion tea many years ago when my liver was toxic and it helped. I've never tried burdock root. Anyways, those are very good suggestions and I will give them a try.

    You're doing amazingly well - walking 4 miles a week, 3 hours of chores and so on. I'm really happy for you. I started crashing in 1998 and went out on disability in 2001.

    I did restart the methylfolate, back on my original dose of 1600 mcg. but I am still detoxing. When I originally took this much it didn't make me detox so I'm a little puzzled. And I was like you - many things used to make me detox and they don't any more. I can tolerate more things now. So I was very surprised when I had such a strong detox reaction to the higher folate dose.

    I'm going to see my chiropractor again tomorrow and see if I should back off on the folate altogether until the detox symptoms subside - although I'm a little afraid to stop it, as I know it's essential for my energy.

    But I will give the dandelion and burdock root a try. And hope that this detoxing is a good thing!


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    Jam- Yes I do have cfs. Mornings are still often the toughest part of the day for me too, although I can expect fairly normal energy levels throughout the day, although it does wax and wane. I also use ribose, it's expensive, but great for energy.

    I didn't notice much improvement in energy until I got to 6,400 mcg a day. Then it was like a dam broke and my energy level tripled. I think this is one of the main reason's why people don't think treating methylation works, the dosage that they try is too low to work.

    The other is the profound detoxing that happens when many people bring up they're methylation cycle. Although there are things that can be done to greatly reduce the detoxing symptoms. The dose needed for most people is 5-10 mg to break through the methylation cycle block.

    The other thing that improving the methylation cycle does is lowers inflammation, by raising glutathione levels and ridding the body of toxins, allowing the body to heal. I was reading about someone else that had fm and cfs, she needed 5mg or 5,000 mcg to breakthrough the methylation block.

    She experienced the same thing I did. On her second day at 5,000 mcg she felt a "shift"(her words) and everything changed. Today she feels great, has her own business and is doing really well. So you may need a much higher dose or the dose you need could be rate around the corner. Everyone has there own unique dosage to break through the block. Good luck Jam! Jim
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    Jam- It's my understanding of treating methylation, that folic acid can actually impede progress and it's not very well processed by those of us with methylation problems.

    Also, folic acid can block methyfolate from working as well as it could, by attaching to folate receptors and blocking the methylfolate from getting to them. Methylfolate is the most active folate in the body and that's what folic acid gets turned into, IF your methylation cycle is working well.

    If it isn't, you end up with un-used or un-metabolized folic acid floating around in your blood stream, not doing much good at all. Also taking P-5-P, the active form of b-6 might work better than b-6, as well as methylcobalamin, which I assume you are already taking, and of coarse methylfolate. Folic acid and methylfolate have no toxicity that I have heard of, but I would stay away from the folic acid for the reason's I mentioned above.
    Take care.......... Jim
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    Jam - I totally agree with Jim re the folic acid issue. My energy only picked up when I started taking methylfolate (solgar metafolin) and ditched all folic acid.

    You might also look into thiamine - I know we talked about this before (see

    I don't tolerate high doses of thiamine but you might. You have FM and I don't. Also, when I tried taking higher doses of thiamine, my BP went too low - 102/60 or something like that. So higher doses of thiamine might help you in more ways than one - Also, the higher folate doses which caused such heavy detoxing for me also lowered my BP. I can't tell you why. So both these things might help you.

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    Jam - if you read the link to the prohealth library article in my post above ("How I found my long-lost energy"), you will see how someone with FM increased their energy a lot with high doses of thiamine (much more than the amount recommended on the bottle). So some people can tolerate and need high doses of thiamine, but I don't. But if you do need it, I don't think you will see results with one or 2 pills, according to the bottle directions.

    So it may or may not help you but I think it's worth a try, only I would try going up slowly, not a huge dose all at once. As you can see in the article, the woman in the article didn't notice improvement until she reached 1500 mg. a day. And the others needed between 600 - 1800 mg. (and I can only tolerate between 50-100 mg. a day - we are all different and need different amounts of different things!)

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