Mettalic Taste In Mouth

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    Galvanic Affect ME and CFS

    For years I have seen many people ask about metallic taste in mouth, and I believe that many who comment don’t really get down to the real causation factor of such.

    I experienced many years ago when I was first diagnosed with ME and CFS (1984 & 1992), and it use to come and go and just didn’t make any sense.

    I would describe my main symptoms as if my mouth was full of battery acid, and I said to many doctors that it was like as though there was an electrosis in my mouth.

    My tongue and mouth would burn and tingle, and at night it was painful and uncomfortable.

    Being fully conversant with electrosis that as seen in the voltaic and galvanic effect in regards to battery charging, the doctors would still fob off my reasoning, and my other reasoning in those early days that power lines and cables were causing my problem, but at the time not realising that I was sleeping on an electric blanket.

    It’s called in the dental stream, holistic stream, as galvanic affect.

    The EMR or EMF cuts through the amalgam fillings or dental caps that are mounted on a metal frame causing the same affect as charging a battery.

    Remove all metal from mouth and you will see a great improvement.
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    I've also read that a metallic taste in the mouth can indicate heavy metal toxicity.

    But your experience was rather extreme, and that's an intriguing concept that that your electric blanket was a culprit in conjunction with the metal in your mouth. I have read that whether or not you have metal in your mouth, electric blankets are just not a good thing to sleep with because of the EMF.


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