Meyer's Cocktail

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    My doctor wrote about the Meyer's Cocktail in a response to an IME. He said:
    “It has been found that patients with chronic fatigue syndrome do not easily absorb their nutrients, vitamins and minerals, due to the presence of altered intestinal permeability, and therefore intravenous or intramuscular applications are necessary for the following reasons: 1) to bypass the bowel mucosal barrier to circumvent absorption dysfunction and to deliver the nutrients directly to the tissue, 2) to deliver the necessary nutrients to the tissues in optimal proportions concurrently for the maximal synergistic effects, 3) to restore the functional integrity and enzymatic pathways and chronic disorders known to result in vitamin, mineral, and amino acid deficiency, and, 4) to provide to healing tissues extra supplies of nutrients when under attack or in a state of debility.”
    rik carlson
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    Thanks Rik. This is put very well and helps to explain why this is effective for a number of us.