Mgraine surgery?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by KerryK, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. KerryK

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    I notice that there is a string of migraine surgery clinics across the USA. I wonder if anyone here has sought relief that way and if so, what are the results? My headaches are getting way out of control.
  2. ameilie73

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    What do they do?
  3. KerryK

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    From what I read, they have identified various trigger points around the skull where they claim nerves are getting irritated by surrounding muscle/soft tissue. They essentially just do nerve releases or even remove some trigeminal nerve endings at those sites. There are lots of links out there to the clinics.

    To Jammin, I believe I have given alternative and conventional remedies adequate opportunity. Things just continue to get worse. The headaches limit me to 3 or 4 hours sleep a night and pretty much inactive daily. What's left?
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    my father suffered terribly from migraines for years. couldn't work, or live a good quality of life.
    he tried everything but nothing worked.
    out of desperation really, he went to a conference in London, England about a treatment using iEMDR. He had a migraine while he was there, they gave him the iEMDR and it went. Loads of other people at the conference had the same experience. He taught himself to do it, and now when he gets one he does the iEMDR and it goes. He is basically cured, which has been quite incredible really. Having seen it work, I'd suggest it is worth looking into it.
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    They have a clip of it on youtube. I suufer periodic migraines to live with them the majority of the time must be awful. I couldnt find any healthboards with people that have had it. My friend had terrible migraines they put her on amitriptyline. But im on that and it doesnt preventvme getting them. I have to take paracetamol and stemetil for mine and just stay in bed with a bucket next to it.

    I wonder if there are different causes and so different treatments?

  6. ameilie73

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    Yes, Kerry i typed in migraine forum surgery a couplecof people had it one successful one not. They speak about neurotransmitter implants to. Was an interesting read.

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    I realise this is a thread from a few months back but I am new here and going through all posts and hope you all are still around to see this and I'm interested to know how you are doing.

    KerryK have you checked to see if you have any food intolerances that might cause your migraines?

    Ameile there are many different causes for migraine. The once I have are food and hormonal related. I had them since around age 11 and only found out in my late twenties that I had quite a lot of food intolerances causing them. Mine usually take three days until the body completely emptied itself out of all the traces and then I usually feel better afterwards for a short time as I did before even though I'm weak from not being able to eat or drink much. Since I have been keeping a strict diet I get way less of them and if I do get them they are usually around the monthly hormonal changes that tend to make CFS flare up a bit and make me more vulnerable to react to food.

    Snowathlete I looked up that iEMDR on youtube and am wondering what thought your father holds on to when applying that to himself? Since the migraine isn't connected to a stressful event so what to think about?