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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mrdad, Jun 3, 2007.

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    Now where are you Girls? Please checkin with the

    Security Staph! OK?

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    Yes, I wonder(worry?) when I realize that I haven't seen someone post for a while.

    This is kind of "off topic", but I been meaning to mention a couple of things to you.

    Mainly, the UCSF library on Parnassus. You mentioned researching, and this was a paradise for me searching for info, esp. before internet.
    A huge number of monthly Journals and the chances for serendipitous discoverys very high. (I remember being shocked at how insane the contributors to the International Journal of Psychoanalyis seemed to be.) I guess hematology journals would be a place for you to search. Maybe you've already been there, of course.

    I liked going to the bound section and opening a book of journals to find places where other people had looked, where it flops open.

    The views and computers are great. I especially remember a carpeted conference room on 2nd or 3rd floor of library facing the Golden Gate Bridge. It was always empty and had a gorgeous view (Sunsets esp.!). Never had chance but would probably be romantic place to "picnic" with bread, cheese, and wine. Oh, and the cheese shops in San Francisco....good thing I don't miss:)(I wish) Sigh:)
    Cheers, Your Mr Bill

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    She has been posting over on the Worship board....she's having a lot of gastric problems and pain. You can contact her there.
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    Well, glad ya checked in Wake and I'm fine with the
    Shannon being on "sabatical leave" from the Board for awhile. I Just get concerned when I don't hear from her
    but glad you are in occasional contact! Sorry that your
    Son isn't doing well nor you. Please take care!

    MRBILL: Thanks for the info on UCSF! I Was there for
    a Liver Transplant evaluation a few years ago and it was on one one the upper floors. The view of the Marin Headlands and the GG Bridge etc. was absolutely fan-
    tastic! Told the Doc that they should charge an extra
    10 to 15% just for the view! Nice of you to think about
    telling me of your "discovery" there. We shall have to talk latter! Thanks again too, Alaska!

    MRDAD aka JOE
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    Forgot to mention that Makezmuzic has a very nice picture that she did posted on her Bio on Depboard. Supposedly a composite of San Francisco beaches. I see China beach in it. sigh, a pleasant reminder for all us exiles. Mr Bill