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    I have posted asking about Fibro docs in Grand Rapids,Mich. or close, thanks for the responses I will check out all you suggested. But I cannot find any info about the Fibro clinic in Troy, Mich. I could use a little help with a web address or phone # !! I am very interested in going to this clinic, I'm praying this clinic will end my 5 year search for a great doc!! Thanks to all for your help!!!
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    I have been going to the Troy MI FFC for the last 5 weeks. The address is 5877 Livernois, Troy, MI 48098. Tel: 248-813-8900, toll-free: 866-443-4276. The doctor's name is Dr. Sidhwa, RN is Kim, Patient Services Coordinator is Brenda, and manager is Dorothy (also an RN). So far so good. Pam