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    Okay, if they think prolonged mental stress or physical stress causes Fibro and it is related to the same part of the brain as Parkinsons, what causes Parkinsons. Could it be the same thing? I don't know that much about Parkinsons except one doc told my Dad he had it and I thought he was wrong so I had him get more opinions. The doc was wrong.

    I bring this up because I'm watching True Hollywood Stores about Michael J. Foxx (for about the fourth time - I just love him!). It talked about the time when he was doing the Back to the Future movies and working on Growing Pains at the same time. He sometimes would only get an hour or so sleep and he went on like that for a long time. For me, that qualifies as physical and mental stress. Just wondering if there is any correlation. Maybe someone else knows more about Parkinsons than I do.
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    about Michael J. Fox's disease is that a cluster of people who were working with him on one of his first shows also got Parkinsons.

    This lead scientists to wonder if something environmental had been at play.

    I would not be surprised at all to find out that FMS was caused by something environmental.
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    You know I read about a trial where they are trying antibiotics as a tx for Parkinson's.

    And of course there are now theories that MS may be the result of a previous viral infection.

    I think as time goes on that many complex and poorly understood diseases that these and ours will turn out to be reactions to infectious agents, and/or other stressors.

    Just a thought,
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    I think FM?CFS is a number of things Environmental and also hereditary . I think environmental can trigger it .
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    and he said that he also had LYME Disease!

    So I'm thinking maybe LYME caused his symptoms. It's very possible, because LYME lives in the Brain and it def. can cause Brain Fog and all kinds of Neuro symptoms so maybe the other people that were working with him also got LYME and also an Environmental Factor could have contributed to it.

    There is mounting evidence now that Lyme can be transmitted sexualy and throught saliva, not just a tick bite. So this is another thing we should watch out for, aside from Herpes and other stuff!
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    I saw a interview with Michael J Fox where he stated he was a very heavy drinker for years. That could not have helped his condition either.

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    My Dr. just put me on Mirapex, it is for people that have parkinsons. He said that the mirapex will help with mus.spams.

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    My biological mother also has a FMS diagnosis, so there is something hereditary going in IMHO.

    Wow--MICHAEL J. FOX HAS LYME!!?????

    I'm blown away.