Michael Jackson and FMS/Leaky Gut

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by baby-bear, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. baby-bear

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    I told my husband yesterday that I think Michael had FMS and probably Leaky Gut. Anyone that has gone through what he has will most likely develop these 2 conditions along with other conditions as well. I know I did and I never slept until I got on probiotics. STRONG ones too. Like 50 billion up to 400 billion a day. That is for people that are completely without ANY good bacteria like my lab results told. And still I can not get them to live inside me even with the FOS food. So me and all of you guys here know what its like to go with 1 hour or 0 hours of sleep every night. I really is a butt-kicker. This poor guy...just think of all the ridicule and hurt that he had to go through. I am hurting for him and praying for him. YES...he most likely had FMS and Leaky Gut! Trauma, stress, grief, injuries, poor diet, lots of medication...all this will contribute to developing FMS and Leaky Gut.
  2. mmztcass

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    overactive thyroid problem. But I have read how Candidiasis can disrupt health for many people in different ways.

    May the blessings be...!

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