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    Hi Michelle,
    I read your rave review about Dr. Staud at Shands. According to "Fibro for Dummies" my PC is pretty much on the money-except with the sleeping. I get no quality sleep- I feel like I never go to sleep. I am up 6-8-10 times a night and that is a short night like from 11pm to 6AM. Yes, I have to work. Has this Dr been able to help you with sleep? THe one thing that I have not done is had a sleep test. The Drs. where I live want every test in the book done before they will do the sleep test - they are really pulminory drs. Is this normal? I would like to go to Shands- it is about 3 hours from my home so that I could get all of the testing done in one day. HOw do I arrange to be seen at Shands? My insurance covers and I do not have to have a referral from my primary care to see a specialist. Thanks for the help. VA
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    Believe it or not - getting off the narcotics was the first stp to getting better sleep. The newest studies show that the benzodiazapans and most of the sleeping pills don't allow you to get past REM sleep. I have my PCP treating me. It's so much simpler having one doc with all the meds I'm on. once she got the treatment protocol (report) from Dr. Staud she had no problem doing what was listed.

    I was taking 30 mg cyclobenzaprine, 2mg xanax, 100mg tramadol, and 20mg inderal 2 hours before bedtime. I was unconscous but not 'asleep'. I don't think I got a decent nights rest for at least 7 years.

    Changing your sleeping meds truly sux! the first 2 weeks I was just awake. Right now I'm taking 50mg Benedryl (capsules - too much sugar in the syrup), 15mg Buspar, my inderal and my tramadol. I'm actually awake at 7am to get Amber ready for school and I stay awake. I'm ready for a nap around 3 but that's ok by me.

    He's really big on excersize and physical therapy. I really haven't had a chance to start that. I saw him a year ago but I have good reasons. I did go to PT and the put me in the pool, overdid it and I was in a flare-up for 3 weeks before I could lift my arms long enough to shampoo AND condition. Then I had 2 surgeries which left me flat on my back for months from the 1st one and about 6 weeks from the second. That finished deconditioning me. Over the summer I was finally ready to start the painful process of begininng to excersize and I was in a car wreck. I pulled the cartilage off my ribs.

    Maybe we can set up a time and get together in the chat room.

    The contact info for Shands at the U of FL is:

    Shands Hostpital

    Physician Details - Dr. Staud

    Call up and make an appointment. Expect to wait at least 3-6 months. It's worth it tho.