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    I was reading your post to faithinlove and read you live in Texas so I looked at your profile and couldn't believe it that you live in Spring. We just moved here to The Woodlands from Arizona. This is our second move within a year so I am a tad bit wore out at the moment. Any advice on dealing with humidity? The heat of Arizona did not bother me, but here the humidity is taking its toll. I got so overheated yesterday it made me sick. Look forward to hearing from you!

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    Welcome to Tx!! i live about 60 miles from the woodlands.and boy you picked a whopper of a summer to move to Tx!!

    i was in Houston today and it was 102( per my car thermometer) the only advice i have is to start whatever you want to do OUTSIDE very early,then finish very late,lol.

    i know not much help,but thats about all you can do, they say the heat is different here than in Arizona. i Guess thats true :) and just think,we still have July & august!!!( yes it can get worse)

    be careful out there, you can get Ill really quickly, this DD makes it way worse.
    take care& stay Cool
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    Thanks so much for your input and the "warm" welcome to Texas. Yes, the heat is different in Arizona! We are originally from Pennsylvania so we are familiar with the humidity but this is alot stronger in Texas.

    I think maybe I will carry around some ice in a bag to help keep me cool. I took my dogs out for their walk this morning and here it is two hours later and I am just starting to cool down. Just have to deal with it!

    Other than that, it is a really beautiful area. I do miss the desert though.

    Kat, are you 60 miles North of here towards Dallas?

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    not north, i guess i'd be south?? im close to the coast, about 20 miles from the beach. In a small rice farming town called Winnie( where nothing happens& even the dogs get bored! ;)

    You are in the prettier area of Houston for sure :) Hopefully i will see the desert this fall, were supposed to make a trip to arizona & then see the grand Canyon( never seen either)

    fibro/cfs+ winnie, Tx= Boredome!!!

    Take care & stay cool, it's gonna be another scorcher!
    Kat[This Message was Edited on 06/26/2009]
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    Yes the heat is excruciating. Stay HYDRATED and drink tons of water. Have you found a good doctor yet? I am in between docs at the moment. I am not able to find one who knows what to do with someone who has Epstein Barr. I have ceiling fans in every room plus 2 floor fans in my bedroom. I have lived here all my life and I never got used to it. Hope you are feeling better. Let me know.