Michigan centric Disability Tips?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by elastigirl, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. elastigirl

    elastigirl New Member

    I have gotten to the point where I'm considering consulting an attorney about disability. I don't think I have enough medical support to qualify yet, but I should get the ball rolling.

    I really, really hoped that changing my lifestyle, eating habits, using supplements, etc., etc., would put the FM into enough of a remission that I would not have to take this step. I've really been dragging my feet accepting the fact that a remission just isn't happening.

    I just don't see a future. I get 1-2 hour chunks of energy. This is not enough to hold down even a part time job. But say I could push through -- what about those days where the pain flares up? I'd have to call in sick because on those days, I'm often too stiff (with pain) or disoriented to drive. I'd be fired for missing work quite early in a job.

    I'm depending on my father too much financially-speaking. The ex will probably resist any attempt to increase child support. It's time to take a step forward, even if an attorney tells me I have no case. I should at least try.

    I was just wondering if you are from Michigan and have been through the ropes, do you have any tips? Anything I should be aware of, or anything that I should try to do?

    I'm open to hearing your stories, too :). TIA!
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  2. 69mach1

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    and see's what happens...and of course go modify the child support...

    if he can afford to buy a home and etc,,,you know he has to be getting more money than he did the last time you guys filed...

    good luck

    check out disabilitysecrets.com.....

  3. findmind

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    If I didn't have much of a case yet, especially 6 months of complete disability, unable to function at all, I would not bother to apply.

    In Michigan, the Univ of Mich in Ann Arbor specializes in CFS; also, a Dr. Lerner at Wayne State Univ in Detroit does heart tests that show viral activity; or there is a Fibro and Fatigue Clinic in Birmingham, I think.

    Do you have other diagnoses? Sometimes, a combo of them add up to total disability.

    Look up disability on this site...you'l get tons of info!

    Good luck to you, but remember, SS is a government agency that moves oh, so slowly...it took many of us up to 2 years to get it! Heard they're better now, but don't count on it! Keep very good records of daily problems and type them up and save them, ok? They, alone, can sometimes sway a judge.

    Most lawyers want you to apply and get turned down x2 before they step in, so don't get discouraged, just follow the timeframes to reply with one more piece of evidence...in fact, save one or two problems to use during your appeals.

    Keep copies of every medical record and correct any that you find that are wrongly stated..

    For FM, Rheumatologists are usually the best at documenting your illness and inability to work. Neuropsychiatrists are very good at finding the "brain" problems and can help a lot!

    Best of luck to you....
  4. elastigirl

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    ggiggi - SSDI vs. State Disability

    Thank you for the great info. I hate to admit it, but all of these abbreviations make my head swim. I really don't know which is which yet, but I'm sure I'll learn.

    I sat down and counted out my years -- looks like I waited too long :(. I have four years work credits out of ten years. So it looks like I'll be seeking SSI. Thank you for the terrific information. Looks I need to find a good attorney.

    jodie - I looked into modifying child support. First, my state should be handling this in July of this year (based on the fact that I'm on public asistance,) but when I checked the Friend of the Court info website, I got conflicting info. One part of the site said they check this every two years, another part said every three years. Need to get with my case worker to check on this.

    I could try to do this on my own, but then the ex would attack. He can attack in various ways that will cost me big $$, negating any money we might get. Very sad that he'd do this, but I know him. He's always poised for an attack. What a sad person to be :(.

    findmind -- That's one reason I haven't applied. I don't feel completely disabled. Also, I've heard that many of the cases of FM in Michigan are won based on depression. I'm not depressed. I've heard that Michigan does not acknowledge FM. But that was a couple of years ago, maybe things have changed.

    All I know is that right now, I could not even hold down a part-time job. Unless it was weirdly flexible with a cot on the premises and unlimited sick time. I don't see that happening, LOL!

    Thank you SO much on giving me a name of a doctor who will actually test for CFS! I am even willing to self-pay (asking my father for a loan?) to get some ***proof*** in my hands. So I really appreciate this info. (I have one brother who might be willing to help get me down there. He used to go to college near Wayne State.)

    My first rheumy visit, unfortunately, resulted in no diagnosis. He did not apply any noticable pressure to my trigger points. Just pressed them as you would on a child. I was having a low-pain day, and it just didn't hurt. In my GP's office, the GP used a noticeable amount of pressure. Not only did the trigger points hurt -- they ached for a week after! So I'll probably have to self-pay to see a better rheumy. Ugh. This is so discouraging.

    Despite the difficult road ahead, I really, really appreciate this info :). Thank you everyone :)!

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