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    hi everyone, sorry it took me so long to reply, alot of remodeling around here as of late. about the ? wanting to know if i went to the drs i talked about, yes i have been to dr. edward lichten, i have known him for 24 years. i trust him totally, here is his web site. www.usdoctor@usdoctor.com he is in southfield, on northwestern hwy. i know dr. lewitt as he took care of my best friend for 12 years for parkinsons. i have not been to dr. irene metro but know of many that do see her, they have nothing but good positive things to say of her. if you would like more info just let me know, i would be gladto help. oh yes dr.lichten does do de-toxing, he has me do a paraway pack twice a year, it works great and is very gentle. let me know take care kim