Mickel Therapy or Lightning Process and reproductive health?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by nvidia64, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. nvidia64

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    The effects this can have on your reproductive health are devastating

    Diet change, organic kombucha, vitamin c, hypnosis, self-hypnosis, meditation, reiki and yoga are very much part of my life but still I feel nothing and can't function in any way like a young man would expect. Nevermind thinking about being in a relationship!

    I do everything to relax my mind/body as much as possible and try and have a good sense of wellbeing but worry about these therapies. Maybe I will feel similar to where I am now in my life but am desperate to resolve this problem

    Any feedback from people who have done the Lightning Process or Mickel Therapy and their "quality of life" not just the psychological state? I would be grateful if you could contribute on this
  2. lfrost

    lfrost New Member

    If you search for my previous threads you will find a lot of detail on this particular therapy and the amazing positive effects it has had on my life. I realise by getting in touch again, I may get slated as I did in the past but this is for your information and to reassure you. LP is a training process and has to be worked at but I would say I am probably realistically 95-97% better. Occasionally I get a bit achy and tired but know that in a day or so, I will be better again and have certainly never had to go to bed as I previously did.

    Please if you have the money consider this process as it has changed my life and now I am living again instead of just existing.

    My previous threads have caused a lot of controversy and abuse towards me, saying I have an ulterior motive or connected to the training. I can assure you, this is not the case. I am an ordinary person who has become well after 20 years of illness and just want to tell everyone who is suffering so much.

    Hope you find this helpful and it does not open up a can of worms again but I am still better over 2 years on. Take care of yourself and hope you find wellness again soon by whatever method you choose.

  3. m1she11e

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    I would like to talk to lfrost directly. Maybe there is a way of sending a personal message and I cant figure it out.

    I am REALLY considering the Lightning process. I do have HHV6 and am trying to use Valcyte. I say trying because I get horribly sick from the supposed die of of the virus while taking the med. So many people haent got results from the Valcyte or really anything else on these sites. Over and over I have come across the Lightning process and would like any info I can get.

    It is interesting that so much info points to a defect in the brain and how it affects the entire body so people try many different medications to correct this. None of which appear to be all that effective from what I am reading. YET, from what I gather, the Lightning process is doing the same thing without med and workng.

    Please contact me Ifrost. I am M1she11e@yahoo.com

    Thank you!
  4. lfrost

    lfrost New Member

    Just tried to send you an email but your address did not work - did you say it correctly in the above thread.

    We are not supposed to give email addresses on here but I will give it in disguised form. It is lfrost41 at hotmail dot com so you can email me if you want but I hope this will not get abused - only want to talk to people who are interested in it, not to slag it off. I have had enough of that already. Best wishes Lucy

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