Mickie HELP, mycoplasma test back

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  1. karinaxx

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    hi mickie,
    finally got my mycoplasma tests done and voila, shows positive.
    Mycoplasma pn. IgG H 14.6
    Mycoplasma Pn. IgM H 9.7
    i am not sure; positive yes, but recent or long term infection?
    got also my sons test postitive Borelia IgG H 9.9
    Has to be tested again, i think.
    other test will follow, but EBV is also showing IgG H 13.46
    IgM normal.
    high E.S.R 22
    will see my doc tomorow, but still want to get your op.
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  2. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Did you read Dr. Nicolson's website regarding mycoplasmas? The treatment protocol is there. It was very helpful for me and my doc.

    Please, let us know what your doc has to say. It doesn't matter so much whether the mycoplasma infection is long term or more recent in terms of the treatment protocol. It seems that no one gets rid of it within six months on the ABX. After that, it will take longer for someone who has been sick with it for a long time. I had been sick ten years before I got the long-term ABX treatment. When my infection was still active, I got two cycles of ABX but they were not sufficient and the infection went chronic. I was never the same after that and continued to go downhill. Along the way, there was evidently some Herpes Family Virus/es which was/were reactivating and I had to take AV's as well as the ABX.

    The Heparin helped a lot and I think my zapper has helped keep the infections under control too.

    Good luck to you and your son and again, please tell us what the doc has to say.

    Love, Mikie

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