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    comes up frequently. Have you seen Dr. Mickle? You can find him on Youtube.

    The general opinion seems to be that this therapy is not very effective. His web site claims
    to have a high success rate. What that rate was, was not stated.

    For some reason, some posters in the past have gotten rather emotional about this

    On the other hand, Jam is well-informed on many of the issues that deal with our health.
    If she found it helpful, then I would take that into consideration.

    Good luck

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    I don't know much about Mickle Therapy, but I did view all of the videos and read his book. While I strongly believe in mind/body healing and think it has some merit, I just couldn't see the time, travel and money it would take to do the program. Ditto for the Gupta Program. Very expensive without any idea what the programs consist of.

    Because of that, I researched other options and found a wonderful Affirmation/Guided Image tape that is starting to really pay off. I found it at an inactive FM site, where the poster said that within six months it had helped her immensely. They are produced by Belleruth Naparstek--just search for her name on the internet and order the FM one. It is only approximately $12. You can download it as an mp3 or order a cd.

    I listen each morning while in the bathtup and as I get ready for work. It took two weeks for me to see any change. I am now on my third week of listening. I am in a very stressful, time at work with tax day coming (CPA/attorney office), but have not went into a major flare where I had to spend all weekend in bed with pain, brain fog, fuzzy eyes and sore throat. Sounds too good to be true, but it really seems to be working.

    Of course, I do a lot of other things to help, mainly supplements and avoiding sugar and starch (candida problems). Each of those things have contributed a little and I have continued to improve over the last year. The guided imagery, affirmations tape is just one more tool.

    Hope this helps,

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