microvas used to treat fibromyalgia & pain hadused

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    I had treatmet for fibromalgia & lower back pain using microvas.The results at first were amazing .Myt pain level dropped down considerably( getting more pain relief then any thig else i had tried).Unfortunately the relief from micorvas was only short lived.I would get a short lived pain relif about 12 hours at first start but ne had got relief as this before.I am presenlty & am on 6 other meds. 1 being a very strong narcotic .I did contact the pale where was build the machie.Themachine costs about $15,000.00. Yes medicare paid for treatments.I want to know why i didn't get long lasting pain after 3 weeks of treatment 3 times /week 1 hour per treatment .can anyone help becuase i wold reall like to kow why i had got substanial relief Yet i did a research on here & there wasn't any topic on mcirovas mentioned. I wishi would have got permanent releif.I didcontact the manfacturer of microvas but were no help about why my pain releif ddn't last