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    I have been seeing several doctors over the past 10 months due to deep muscular mid back pain. Had MRI and several blood test, everything normal.Doctors can not find the source of pain and think I have FM. The pain can radiate around the ribs, stomach and to the lower back. I have not yet found anything to relieve the pain. They think that it was triggered from my ectopic pegnancy in Dec. and losing the baby. That is when the pain started..I do not have the trigger points, but alot of the other symptoms. Any suggestions for the deep , burning muscular pain I have? Sometimes I feel like people think I am crazy for the pain I have with no cause......Thanks for your support.
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    Sorry about the pain,can relate to back pain I ahve FM and CMP, I'm assuming you have tender points, is it possible that you have triggers points in the front od your body? Did you have surgery in December?

    I know many people think Chiros are quacks, however many are being recognized by the medical profession for dealing with this type of pain. perhaps due to hormonal changes your back and muscles are out of alignment, it may not always show on a MRI but it happens, Would you consider seeing a DC, I know that I have had very good results with the one I see, he is very aware of FM soes not just crunch, deals really well with referred pain and soft tissue issues. Just a thought,sounds like you are hvaing muscles spasms. If you do think this is something you would consider, get a gooe referral, make sure the DC is ACA accredited, no gimics or cure alls, and that the DC is familiar in dealing with FM and related problems. Hope this gives you some help. let us know how you make out.

    In the meantime I find wraping my lower back or shoulder are in warm, moist towels helpful as well as warm sea or epsom salt baths.

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    I have that same kind of pain. Don't know what causes it. I had an ectopic pregnancy in 1999. Did not have that kind of pain afterward but I do know tha all of my symptoms started after I had my last child.

    Don't know why but I believe it could be related to the fact that the anesthesiologist messed up my epidural when I had my last child. I had spinal headaches and needed a blood tap and fluid removed from where the epidural was messed up. I haven't been well since.

    I sincerely hope you find some help soon. I know how hard it is to be in terrible pain and have no known cause for it. It is so frustrating.

    For my mid back and rib pain, I use heated rice packs and ice(20 min. max), and of course, pain meds if I have them. MIP
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    I have tried the tens unit, and it does relieve the pain at the time, but as soon as it comes off, the pain is back. I did have surgery for the ectopic pregnancy. It went undiagnoced for 4 months. My baby was in my abdomen attached to my colon and I was very sick and nearly lost my life. One month after I got out of the hospital, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, and in Juny, I had a moler pregnancy and lost twins. They think that I have post tramatic stress syndrome and all of this triggered FM. I used to have sever muscle spasms in my mid back that wraped around to my stomach that would last for 10-12 hours. Nothing would get rid of the spasm. I tried muscle relaxers, pain killers, heat and Ice. I am in pt, but it does not help. I try to keep my spirits up and realize that some people have it alot worse than I do. Alot of days it wears on my mind and wears me down. I don't like the helpless feeling. I am only 30, and I feel like I am too young to live with this much pain. As far as the trigger points, I am not sure if I have them. I have never felt them, and it does not hurt if you touch anywhere on me. It actually feels good for someone to massage my muscles. Thanks for your response.. this website is just what I needed.