Middle Back and Rib Pain

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    Hi all, been some time since I have been on here but I thought I would throw this pain into the mix!
    I have been having constant, by constant I mean 24/7 pain in my middle back on the right hand side that then radiates around my bottom ribs on the same side.

    I keep a bit of a diary of pain I have had (suggested by a doctor to keep things in perspective) that I right in when it's a major pain event. I do not put every pain I get or I would never get anything else done, just the ones that last long periods of time. This middle back one has been going strong since April this year and does not feel it's wanting to let up any time soon. I looked at my diary and it looks like the last time it happened was back in 2014. I wrote down that it was very painful and relentless and seems to have taken about six or so months to finish. I sit here thinking "surely it was not this painful and mentally wearing!!" , I guess it's a good thing we seem to forget the pain we go through hey!

    So the feeling of the pain in a constant dull ache that can range in pain from a 4 to a 10 and over, ten being the worst pain!! It often has a burning feeling to it also and the bottom ribs on the right had side can feel sore, especially if I roll over on that side and lay on them, which I avoid doing! I can also have some nausea with it which seems to sit around that 4 or 5 on a scale of how bad it is.

    The doctor has run blood tests and they have all come back fine, I have also had back X-rays and they show nothing. I'm am going for a ct scan on the 21 st of this month just to rule out anything else but he seems to think it's a flare up, which as I said, I have had before.

    So if anyone else has had this pain I would very much appreciate hearing your experience of it and how it ended up for you. As we all know, these flare ups in different parts of our bodies are a constant thing for most of us, but in the dead of the night it can sometimes feel like the end of the world! Having had Fibro since 1994 I always think you would get use to it and I suppose in some ways you do but in many other ways you don't!!!!

    Hope all will have sometime through the day you might have a break from pain.