Middle Cranial Fossa Arachnoid Cyst

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    My name is Catherine Clay. I heard there are other Arachnoid Cyst sufferers posting here. How did you come about getting a FMS diagnosis and how long have you known about your Arachnoid Cyst. I just recently had my cyst fenestrated as well as getting a case of meningitis. Is Meningitis and FMS related?

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    I was just reading "you might be FM if..."

    Yeah for some reason doctors do not recognize that when you have a big fat obstruction in the middle or side of your head on the root of your nervous system that it might cause other diseases. When they do surgery they find fun things like gliotic tissue which is a connective tissue.

    Sorry I am here but at least there are some people with sense of humor. Thanks so much.

    Catherine From Louisville KAN-Tuck-Me... (Kentucky) living in LA now.