Midwest Storms.

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    I live in Illinois and we have been absolutely deluged with one heavy storm after another. The storms have had 60mph + winds, hail and flooding.I could hear branches falling on my roof from the tree out front and thought the tree might come down. My front lawn has standing water due to the fact that the ground is saturated. There are lots of roads still closed due to the water. I could not get gas for my car as the rain had shorted the pumps.

    My town was on the national news for the most power outages, lighting strikes in the state. I wonder if eventually a placard stating this will be next to the sign that tells you that you are entering the city limits.

    Last night another one hit, I happened to look out the window and evidently all the electrical activity opened my garage door!! Coincidentally, I dropped the clicker to the garage door several weeks ago and the lid on the box to access opening the door manually has been stuck for a long time. So my poor car has been out in the rain all week. It is now in the garage but alas I have no means to close the door.

    Lest you think this can not happen, it can. My dad's dog could open the garage door if it's tags accidently hit the remote control when the TV was on. It took my dad and stepmother a long time to figure what was going on until they happened to see it. Thinking it was funny, my dad and stepmother kept repeatedly hitting the remote with the dogs tags until a neighbor called and asked if something was wrong! I don't know if the dog was still attached to the tags or not as they carried out their Frankensteinian experiment. It could be either way. The dog was small.

    One of the darndest things is that within the last few hours I have a lot of ants coming into my kitchen and they have brought enough dirt in to start making their ant hills. How did they survive in this rain? Do they have little tiny ant oxygen tanks like the deep sea divers wear?

    Not to make light of this as there has been severe damage in some places.

    How are other's doing?

    Keep safe.

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  2. Pippi1313

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    That is hilarious about the dog!!! It's exactly the kind of science experiment that would fascinate me for hours! LOL!
    (But then again, I'm easily amused. haha)

    Sorry about your lousey weather, tho.

    About the ants: When the ground is saturated, the inground bugs move to higher ground. Apparently, they think your kitchen looks like a good place to relocate! :(
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    Do you do crosswords? Gap is a popular word in easy crosswords. Mountain pass.

    You are quite right. One does not want to make light of lightning. I read that
    200 people are killed by lightning in this country every year. Another site said

    That is more than are killed by sharks.

    I had a friend in college who was struck by lightning. He was lying in bed listening
    to the radio. The lightning came through the window and struck the radio. He said
    it was about a year before he felt normal again. His reflexes were all discombobulated.

    "Welcome to the city of _____. Home of the Wilbur Cuthbert museum and the
    most lightning strikes in the tri-state area.

    We don't have much thunder and lightning in CA, but in MN we did. And after almost
    every rain there would be a rainbow, often a double. We also had heat lightning on
    summer nights. Not to be confusiated w/ lightning bugs.

    Do you believe that story about old Ben Franklin and the kite? How come the
    lightening didn't knock him right through his new-fangled stove?

    Just wondering

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    You have my sympathy. I have lived in Hurricane alley my entire life. One summer we got hit with three in a row. I lost my house to Hurricane Andrew. It is so aweful to be without water, electricity and phones.....and not having the internet can send me into panic withdrawls!!!!!!

    Yeah, we get alot of tiny sugar ants in the house when it rains alot down here in South Florida. I am glad you have maintained your sense of humor....because that is about all you can do. So much of it is out of your control. Just make sure you keep replenishing the supplies you need. Help you neighbors...and hopefully they will help you back.

    Stay in touch with us on how you are doing!

    Stay safe
  5. gapsych

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    jmq, Thanks for your good thoughts. I fared well during the storms but know that others did not.

    How devastating to lose your house . I can't even imagine how people make it through something like that. I am so sorry you had that happen.

    I do remember Andrew. Wasn't it stronger than Katrina?

    I lived in Houston when hurricane Alisha hit.

    Where I live, we are referred to as Tornado Alley.

    Rock, did you see the documentary about Crossword puzzles and all the famous people do them? There is also another one about scrabble which is my favorite game.

    Not sure about Ben. However, I don't think string is considered a conductor of electricity. Now I'm intrigued. Will have to look it up.

    But today is another day and though cool it is sunny, the birds are singing and the ants are multiplying in my kitchen as we speak.

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    I live in Northern Il also! Those winds were terrible the other nite! The local news out of Rockford had our damage on the news. They said it wasn't a tornado but straight line winds. Our lights flickered a bit but we didn't lose power. last year in August we lost power for 3 days. Lost alot of food even though we had everything in coolers. I can't imagne the people who have had to go for weeks without power!
    We had alot of trees down in town. We went for a ride just outside of town yesterday. Some places got hit pretty hard. Alot of roofs blown off buildings.
    Sorry to hear of the ant problem.
  7. gapsych

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    If the ant problem is the worse thing to happen from this storm, I am lucky.

    This really makes you think of all the Katrina victims as well as other victims of natural disasters. But is any disaster natural?


  8. therealmadscientist

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    Got me to wondering why there are no underwater living ants. Lobsters sort of close, but don't live in colonies.

    Someone told me that it snowed a week ago in Minn. So where does all the rain come from I wonder.
    Seems that most of maps show where rain ends up at, but not where it all comes from. Shouldn't the sky be empty of rain by now?:)

    I guess that with less ice cover in the artic, then there may be more evaporation and rain/snow in Canada. Maybe glaciers? A bad sign may be when the snow stops melting in the summer.
    Feel free to send more rain to California! Cheers, mr Bill

    Oh, I hope that there is no epidemic of home shock therapy......like wearing headsets in lightning country.

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  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    to your rhetorical question, Gap, the tornado is natural. The town it destroyed is
    the unnatural part.

    That sound right to you?

    Mr. Bill, your question about the sky becoming empty of rain is even more rhetorical
    (rhetoricallier), but I have no comment since I know that you already know. Ya know
    what I mean?

    Saw "Gap" in a crossword today. The clue was "opening".

    Ok, I'll take 2 more questions and then we'll break for a photo op.