Might be having an Appt at the "Snake Oil Clinic"

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by AC77, May 8, 2003.

  1. AC77

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    As I poster earlier, I had put my name into one of those raffle like boxes that offer a free massage! Stupid, I know, but I was desperate for muscle tension and headache relief w/o meds. A week later an office called up. Actually, a known PT center and Pain mgmt clinic and said that my insurance may offer free massage if I have a medical condition. They said my first appt would be with an M.D.--which made it sound more reputable, and he would decide on a course of action. I, of course, like everyone here know what to say to get the insurance to pay for these "added" benefit clauses, like massage, accupunture, etc. I was wondering what everyone thinks? Is this real or some farse?
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    We had another post like that here sometime ago. Perhaps it is a marketing technique sold to offices who want more cash. Right my broken antenni goes up but it cant hurt you and you dont have to go back if they have nothing to offer but charging your insurance. Im at a point today where Id eat, bathe and sleep in the oil if someone said it might help me. Hopefully tomorrow Ill feel better along with you.
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    I will hold onto my wallet and wont pay a DIME. I am not going to tell them I am a med professional. And if it get leary or they try and sell me something, like some vitamins or tapes, books I am out of there there. I am going to say sorry not a match and report them to the state medical board or dept of cosumer and health protection. I will ask the Dr for his license or DEA no. or at least confirm that the first letter is an a or b. I guess I have nothing too lose.