might need a new doc/uk... anyone help me?

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    I posted a while back about my wrist pain and got lots of wonnderful advice from this room.
    The pain is much worse and my wrists have started to make snapping and grinding noises, feel really stiff and are burning. My knees also hurt a great deal and are burning and now the same with my ankles too.

    Im going to the doctors YET AGAIN in the morning, with these new symptoms, but im having problems making him understand just how much pain im in. Im barely holing my job down at the moment and had to leave the room constantly today, to put my wrists under the cold water tap today.

    He doenst even bother to examine me any more when i go with a new symptom... He simply says, "its the fibromyalgia".
    He just assumes it is the fibro and doesnt think he needs to look at me i suppose.... But i keep wondering, what if it isnt?? How would i know if hes not even going to examine me..

    Im worried it might be something else, but he says the last blood tests came back showing nothing else such as arthritis, etc..

    Should i just ASK him to examine me?? That seems such a stupid thing to do to a doctor!!!!! LOL

    Thanks for listening, have a nice day!!


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  2. Mrs. B

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    whatever he likes but, can he fix it? That's what I would ask him. "what will make the pain stop?"

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    to treat you. Our pain is always lumped together as FM, and sometimes, our pain is overlooked, when more serious complications have occurred. If he does not check you, find another doc or ask him what kind of doc can help you with this. Also, since your dx is FM, ask him to refer you to someone who can test you for mycoplasmas. This is what I have w/FM and wherever mycos lies in your tissues is where your problems are just beginning. Do not settle for half-baked docs, I did and as a result I was overlooked w/mycos that has damaged my system somehthing awful. FM patients pain should always have all avenues ruled out when new pain presents itself. Do not give up, just condect yourself professionally, and do not forget that you hired him as a doc he did not hire you. I just found this book called, "good living with fibromyalgia, activities for a better life." by Bethany afshar. It is your FM journal, and covers everything to prepare yourself for these doc visits, inc. meds, exercise, vitamins, etc... Hang in there and let us know how it went!!! Blessings, Iggy
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    Brat, if you want him to examine you (and he doesn't automatically), ask him. HE'S working for YOU. After reading the posts here for awhile I'm realizing the importance of getting new things checked out. I always assume this or that symptom is because of the CFS (and I think most of them are, but...). But many people here have so many coexisting conditions. It would be sad for him to dismiss something as "just your fibromyalgia" and 1) have whatever it is get worse or 2) ignore something that's TREATable.
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    for the support....

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    Spent all afternoon in tears but out of frustration more than anything else. Im also mad at myself for not speaking up more.

    I did ask the doctor to examine me today. He said he didnt need to look at my knees or wrists, he said he knew it was fibromyalgia pain. He told me to go swimming and take more exercise. I tried to explain to him how much pain im in, he said that he wont refer me to a rheumatologist because they wont be able to do anything to help me. He said they dont know anything about the disease.

    I asked him for some stronger painkillers and he said he cant give me anything else and that a rheumi wouldnt give me anything stronger either. He said they would only give me stronger meds if i had something like rheumatoid athritis and that i dont have that. (it would have shown up in my blood he said)

    So im back at square one. I wish i had really made a fuss in there, but im such a wimp. Before i go to see him, i always go over what i will say, but when i get in there i never have the courage to say any of it..

    Anyway, thanks for reading this.


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    Im going to try and find out see if there is a fibro specialist in the uk i could see. I dont mind travelling across the country, i just want to be examined and given some advice. I want to know if this new pain is fibro or something else.. the doc wont refer me to a rheumatologist as he says they cant help people with fibro, nobody can!

    Does anyone know of any fibro specialists in the uk that i could perhaps visit. Im in birmingham but im prepared to travel. Ive never done this before, will i have to pay? I assume so as im going off my own back and not being referred by my doc. Anyone have any idea how much it will cost me?

    Thanks all,,,, soft hugs to you

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    Juts bumping myself back up as ive changed the name of my post......... wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!


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    This doc is so good normally, he explains things to me and is very patient, im not the easiest of patients... I like him a lot.

    Its just this damn fibro that seems to have affected our relationship so to speak..

    I really dont think he knows a lot about it, hes prescribed anti-depressants which have helped my sleep greatly, but its the pain thats causing the trouble. He just keeps telling me to exercise and says that the next painkiller up that he can prescribe is morphine. So i guesss hes done all he can do as a GP.

    Do i have to ask his permission to go to a FMS specialist if i can find one? It may sound silly, but it feels like im going behind his back.

    Thanks for the advice

  11. PatPalmer

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    I`m no doctor, but it sounds like you have a virus or bacterial infection in the joints. (Arthritis is bacteria).
    This will cause the inflammation (heat) and is eating away at the flavonil (not sure about spelling here) protection.

    Start eating & taking natural antibiotic products & foods on a daily basis, like fresh garlic (at least a clove a day), onions, Coconut & Flaxseed Oil, Vit C, Glucosamine, OLE claims to help with Arthritis, my recent discovery Cytolog also has antiviral/bacterial properties.
    There are more but it`s midnight here and brain is shutting down.
    I`m sure others can add to the list.

    These will also deal with your other health issues at the same time too.

    There`s plenty to go into full attack with, good luck.

    Love Pat.
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    If you need to change your GP then you should try to find a regional support group and check out UK web sites for doctor recommendations.

    Whether it's FM or CFS there is a general attitude in the UK that nothing other than exercise, antipressants, or CBT is of any value. This is nonsense of course, but in most of the medical journals this is what is being currently being promoted in term of disease management. Subsequently you need to find a doctor who sees beyond that and is responsible enough to check out anything new.

    It's a problem most us us have in the UK, sadly not having your wrist examined is an example of what happens all the time to us. Essentially doctors are being advised against standard investigations because nothing comes up on them. This is all too often interpretted as no tests and no examinations.

    Good luck in finding a doctor who can help you.


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  13. bratqb

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    for your kind words and advice....

    Not sure what my next move will be, im having serious brain fog which is making it hard to think straight.
    The pain is really dragging me down but in a funny way im kind of getting used to it. After all, chronic pain is a big part of this illness and maybe i should just accept that and learn to live with pain... sorry, im feeling really negative about things right now.. forgive me..

    Thanks again, god bless