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    Hi there,
    I wasn't opposed to meds, but tended to believe in God giving me the abilities to help my body take care of its self. I WAS very athletic & think our body is a temple to be respected. Respect is how I navigate with doctors, because rule number one: they had better respect the body & its caretaker. Only had a few experience with docs not being helpful. The nueraligist was the worst-they have really evil toys. I have a "no touch me" rule after that experience. At least till I deem it o.k. Paying for those appointments-bites!

    If a new doc appointment isn't going well I'm polite & stop giving too many details and shorten appointment. Basically get out quickly, I don't want to cry or worse loose my temper. It all goes on the medical records.

    I've learned so much. About the medical practice, about me, and I taught myself how to knit. And hopefully I have more time to learn a few more things before become a society member again. Can't believe I'm saying that. Yes God, I'll have another helping. My humor has definately gone to the whacky side. I'm 48, been married 7 yrs. Came back from our honeymoon, 3 days later, whack, slammed with this. Talk about coming back with the wrong bride.

    If you notice from the board comments magic cure just isn't here yet. The best seems to come from learning what works for each person. The doctors are just as frustrated with not being able to find us help. This is truely a weird place to be.

    This may sound strange, the best advise has come from the multiple sclerosis members. They have the research for best nerve treatment, where gabapentin & klonopin came from. And, the best guides to daily living with limited energy. Originally it helped me the most. Now their treatment are immune modifiers.
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    Welcome to the board.

    The Chit chat board is for just what it sounds like: the focus is on stuff other
    than the DDs: kids, pets, music, recipes, garden etc. You can find the board rules
    and the menu for the various boards in the upper right hand corner.

    What does "mighty old man" mean? I read your profile. It says female. And 48 is
    not old, even though we often feel older than we are. I like to think we can be
    immature at any age.

    The "Porch" and "Loungers" threads have no topic. People just check in when they
    feel like it and talk about whatever strikes their fancy.

    Good luck
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    Hey rock, my message is to user name mightyoldman. I felt like our thread was getting long in the "new to site" thread, so I said I'd continue our conversations here. I could be wrong, but, I thought that's what moderator Mikie said to do with topics like this. Sorry for any confusion.

    And, he's not old either. Think his user name comes from a song. Just saying.

    thanks for the porch light tip. Saw it & sort of wondered. When the mood stricks I'll jump on in.

    take care,
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    Rock already told you a bit about the Chit Chat board and others. Hope you will also pop in sometime to the Porch. We just go with the flow and try to pull each other up by the boostraps as they say.

    Sorry so short but DH need s the computer. Chat with you later. You are not OLD. Ask me and Rock !!

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    Hi Curleycreek,

    I made it, and it looks like we may need to begin a new thread somewhere else, out of respect for the forum rules on Chit Chat, because I think what you and I would like to discuss would be appropriate for others to view and be encouraged if possible. I know that trying to get my head wrapped around my life and the details of my experience with FM will take considerable emphasis on our DD's.

    Lets say on the FM board I will post something and lets see if that will work.

    See Ya,
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    ..Sounds like your leaving the chit chat board...

    ....This board is the exact place for you....

  7. mightyoldman

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    I completely understand, his post was indeed not rude at all.
    Curleycreek and I are brand new to the forum and we hope to comply to the rules with understanding and grace.
    But he did convey to us that Chit Chat was basically here for members to talk about things outside of the DD's. So with that said, being new to the forum, Curleycreek and I wanted to share some details of our DD's with each other and of course with the rest of the forum.

    thank you,
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    The people on this board are old timers that have fought this DD for years...

    They all have great information for you...

    I never post on the Fibro Board anymore...

    You can say what you want hear and great ears will listen...

    I think you mentioned that you have been turned down from SSDI...

    Try and google disabiltysercrets/fibromyalgia

    Seems everyone is turned down once...I think the Gov does that with the
    hopes that the sick will just give up....

  9. mightyoldman

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    Thanks Rocky

    I am in the process of being turned down for the second time.
    I was told just to keep trying and then all of my efforts will be on record.
    But I do lack a diagnosis,...not having insurance has been a real road block for me.
    Just last week the SSDI sent me to an Orthopedic Dr to test me for the pain and fatigue,
    but its funny, I passed all of that with flying colors, she even asked me if I worked out,
    and I said that I spent about two minutes at night at around 2 in the morning lifting some 25lbs dumbells in order to burn off the anxiety, and it works like a charm and I also build some muscle, but not without pain during my efforts.
    Nothing like being tested for muscle cooridination and strength and completely missing the debilitating fatigue.

    I will check out that web site, thank you!

  10. mightyoldman

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    Thank you Julie

    Now I think I am understanding, I really do....thank you.
    It makes sense to have the chit chat board.
    For me its like walking into a home and trying to comprehend where things are at first glance and then finding out where the comfortable spaces were.
    I thank Rocky and yourself for helping me see more clearly,
    I was really not angry or frustrated at all about the differences, but I was just confused with the first posts from the member or perhaps a mod who stated what he felt the topics that are covered in Chit Chat should be anything but DD's.

    I will be sticking around,
    Thank you all.