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    Hey sorry I have not been on.I have been having migraine headaches.Where I am just crying and moaning trying to sleep but that aint easy.And it is hard to think or do anything else.I HATE THEM.Because my fibro started with migraine headache it was ONE migraine that did not ever go away for about four months I was either at the doctor trying to figure it out or in my dark bedroom crying.I didnt sleep.I would pass out from the pain but i dont thank I slept I dont remember much of that time because it hurt soooo bad.And I am so scared they are trying to come back.
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    I cant have caffine.I drink plenty of water.And do eat even through i dont want to.Thanks for the info.And i hope it dont take the same route. I also have a bum knee right now dont know what is wrong with it(oh the joys of fibro!).
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    I had migraines too, so bad that I would lose my vision and get physically ill. I got one of those gel masks and instead of putting it in the refrigerator, I froze it. Then I put a thin cloth, like a bandana under it and put it around my head loosely. I have seen cold cloths online too, I know they sometimes have them at health fairs.

    Also, I got this roll-on called "Super Blue Stuff" (you can Google it) and I roll it on wherever it hurts the most. It does contain menthol, so caution if you use a heating pad (which never worked for me).

    Imitrex sort of worked, but Jeez, you'd better be lying down when you take it! I didn't like the feeling of every blood-carrying tube in my body constricting at once. It felt like I was having a bad run in with an anaconda! After the feeling wore off, I was so weak the rest of the day (or night).

    It MAY be allergy related as well. The minute I stopped eating processed food - goodbye headache! The rest of it decided to stay, but every battle won with this DD feels like New Years Eve in Times Square!

    I'm sorry you're hurting so much and wish there was more I could do. Hopefully, this will offer you some relief.

    Soft hugs,
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    Dear fibromite02,

    I'm so sorry to hear about your migraines! They sound truly horrible. I also get migraines, sometimes debilitating, too. Not sure what you've already tried, to keep yours from coming back, so I will suggest things that work for me in the hopes they may help you as well.

    First of all, water (as Leah suggests earlier in this thread). It's very important to keep hydrated! At least eight glasses a day, and maybe more depending on your individual physiology. Especially if you drink alcohol, since the dehydration that alcohol causes often results in a hang-over headache. Many alcoholic drinks also contain sulfites, which are a major trigger of migraines.

    Which brings me to the next question: Have you identified any foods in your diet that seem to trigger your migraines?

    As Leah mentioned in a previous email, hypoglycemia can also trigger a migraine. You may want to eat small meals of non-trigger foods several times a day to stabilize your blood-sugar level.

    If your stomach is upset and you feel nauseated, then you might try a few VerMints Ginger Mints. They're organic, so they have little or no pesticides that may aggravate a migraine, plus they contain ginger which can help to decrease nausea. Of course, ginger works best if you can take it early on during the migraine attack.

    Also, you may want to have your blood level of vitamin D checked, especially if you live in the Pacific Northwest. I serendipitously discovered on my own several years ago that my "fibro" was actually a lack of D -- and as long as I take 2,000 to 3,000 IU per day, I have no more pain in my hips, knees, and back. Research has since shown that about 50% of fibromyalgia cases are actually caused by a deficiency of "vitamin" D3, (misnomer for a hormone instead).

    I'm not sure whether there's a link between a deficiency of D and migraines (if anyone has info about this, please let me know!), but a deficiency of magnesium can definitely contribute to these nasty headaches.

    There are many other considerations, too, and lots of good books available on the subject. Living with migraines is not easy at all -- it can be a lifelong juggling act in order to manage them so you can enjoy your life. I wish you the best of luck!

    --Clare :)
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    I understand the fear of pain and migraines. All the tips above are great and will help me when my headaches start to turn into a giant migraine.

    I always tell my dr that the pain comes first and then the anxiety of not knowing how bad and how long the pain will last. Although, I am much quicker to respond to what my body needs. Such as a bath or roll-on menthol gel or rest, rest, rest! Oh and lots of L-Theanine! Dr's Best has a L-Theanine that does not have any other ingredient in it. It keeps me calm!