migraine help?

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  1. dani78xo

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    has anyone here had/have horrible migraines that don't go away for days on end?

    it seems like whenever i get out it triggers a new cycle of migraines for me.i'm going completely insane because i don't want to have them anymore. i'd heard that migraines were painful, but even when i broke my wrist it wasn't as bad as this.

    like i told my mom, i can live with muscle pain every now and then. i CANNOT live with constant migraines.

    i'm on 20 mg cymbalta right now, which stopped the first cycle, but i went to a movie last night and now i have a migraine again. i'm just hoping to God it's just a one night thing...i don't think i can stand another week long migraine.

    has anyone else had this problem? and did you find any answers as to how to keep the migraines away?

    also, just a mini-vent.
    my school hasn't been very helpful throughout this whole thing. when i first filed to get a tutor, it took them weeks before they finally decided to give me one, and even then they kept reminding me it was a "short term thing."

    but i do have a big concern. one of the classes i'm missing this year is wellness 2, which i HAVE to take in order to graduate from high school. but i'm worried that i won't be able to take it, even if i find a med that really works for my fibro.

    just kindof concerned, from the way the school's been treating me, that they won't take no for an answer. but at the same time i KNOW that i won't be able to do a mile long run or do a bunch of situps or strenuous exercise every other day without missing a couple days of school in complete agony.

    it's not really a big problem yet, i don't expect i'll be back in school full time this year. by the time i finally find a med that works for me it'll probably be too late to pick up other classes..

    i'm just worried is all. they certainly don't believe i'm even sick half the time. though i guess if worst comes to worst my PCP would force them to cut me some slack.

    ah. school troubles are certaintly one of the worst parts of this besides the pain.
  2. mnweb6

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    I too suffer from migranes. I give myself an Imetrex injection at the onset of them. It sounds like you have tried medication, and it is not working...I tried pills, and could not keep them down, and they did not work fast enough when I could keep them down. The injections work very well, and they are easy enough to give myself. Every once and a while, they are really bad, and I have to go to ER to get stronger meds. Cold wash clothes on my face covering my eyes helps too! Usually once I take the Imetrex my migrains are gone within 10-15 minutes!

    Hope this helps!

  3. Lindy2

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    I suffer from chronic headaches and a few years ago I started experiencing migraines frequently.

    Maxalt which is in the triptan family works for the relief of a migraine, but should not be used frequently.

    Fiorinal is also a great med and it contains aspirin, caffeine and fenobarbital. I never would have guessed anything with caffeine helping to relieve a migraine/headache but it is an important ingredient in this compound tablet.

    Ice packs can work wonders at the onset of a migraine along with peace and quiet and I have heard that pepperment oil works by rubbing it on the aching area.

    I now take a beta blocker and it keeps my blood pressure regulated and is used as a migraine preventative.

    Hope this helps a little and hope you find relief soon.

  4. francesakers

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    Hi I have really bad or had really bad headaches that would last for days. my neurologist put me on topamax 100mg one every night. that has really helped me a lot. I can not take imatrex. I wish you luck with all your problems. Looks to me like you could get some kind of med note to keep you from having to do this physical

  5. lenasvn

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    You don't have to get the injections on Imitrex, there is a tablet form too. It works well for my attack once it started. I also use Topamax preventative. You need to go to a doctor about your migraines. Also, go ahead and check your blood pressure, when mine went up (slowly over a year) I got many, many more migraines. Once my BP was under control I had very few compared to before.
  6. marw

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    Imitrex Injections work for me. THe pills do not, and I get side effects from the pills, but not the shot. The shot is great because the headache is gone in 10 to 15 minutes.

    You might want to try a drug (also a member of the triptan class of drugs) called FROVA. It is especially made for recurring headaches, and will last for up to 2 days. Many people like it, and it is a pill.

    Also, put ice on your head, and if you can, sit in a tub of very hot water at the same time.

    Maxalt Melt also works for me but not as effectively. I can't count on it working. (And it has Aspartame in it.)

    I was not able to take Beta blockers or calcium channel blockers.

    Hope you find something soon. Migraines are debilitating. Do you have a good Neurologist? Ask him about these drugs.

  7. bigmh

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    Hi Danielle...your post really hit me because both of my children (21 and 18) both have migraines (inherited from me). Our son just graduated last year, and missed some school, too.

    Can your Mom or Dad help you with the school issues? Does your school have a nurse? Or have you asked your PCP to help you by contacting the school? These are just some suggestions.

    It took me 5 years to find a preventative that works somewhat, but I take 50 mg Nortriptyline (night) and 60 mg Inderal (morning).

    When I have a migraine, I take Maxalt or Imitrex injections. You need to catch them very early...within the first 30 minutes.

    Also, as others have said

    --no bright lights
    --no loud noises
    --a Bed Buddy or rice sock heated in the micro and draped around your neck...really helps
    --ice packs
    --warm/hot bath
    --biofeedback--you might look this up here or on the web. I learned this at a hospital...basically it is trying to warm your hands with your mind. This diverts the blood away from your brain and helps reduce the pain.
    --sleep if you can

    I will send up a prayer for you. Hopefully you can find an advocate to help you with the school pressures, and that will help, too, with the migraines. Stress is certainly a trigger.

    Blessings to you, Ann