Migraine Triggers

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  1. Greenbean7

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    Hi all,

    I had a horrible migraine that started last Friday and kept me down until yesterday (Wednesday).

    I had to go to the hospital on Saturday and they gave me Toredol which caused me to have spasms in my legs and have that creepy crawly feeling all over. Couldn't sleep for hours after the shot and, of course, if you can't sleep after the headache won't go away.

    My DH said he knew when the spasms started because he saw my legs jumping and then I would sit up and lay down and sit up again trying to make the creepy crawly go away! It was all over my skin, everywhere.

    On Monday I went to work but only stayed 3 hours, then went home and DH took me to the doc for a shot of demeral. Knocked me out again, but it worked and I was back to work on Wednesday.

    Now to the question!

    The Monday before I got the headache our boss gave us all tulips in nifty glass containers with the bulbs and everything. You were to keep the water just over the roots and the tulips would bloom. They were very pretty.

    Yesterday I had to take them outside because of the musty odor from them. My DH wondered if I could have had a reaction to the flowers, bulbs, water, mold or whatever came with the flowers. I don't remember smelling anything last week, but that doesn't mean there wasn't anything there.

    What do you think? I'm coming to the experts!!

  2. luvnewcomb

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    Oh such a dear subject to my heart ! Not -

    I've found over many many years of migraines that one day an oder may trigger a migraine, and another day that same oder may be ok and do nothing. I know of definite triggers, such as coffee smell, especially coffee that has been sitting in the break room for a while, eating the good expensive chocolote, cheap doesn't do it to me - POPCORN allways gives me a migraine, certain perfume and cleaning product scents. Eating Chinease food - some places are ok, others I can't go near. Baking/cooking meat in the house, baking brownies, etc., etc., etc. The smell of a truck going down the highway.

    It pretty much depends on what the oder is and if my body is already getting ready for a migraine or not, I think. Some days I can tolerate certain triggers, others I smell anything and everything that nobody else can smell and get a migraine. I get at least 2 per week and can last from a day to days.

    One day I just walked past a bakery and got a migraine from the smell of freshly baking brownies, or cooking dinner the yummy smell of food in the house sends me directly to bed.

    At work, people cooking in the microwave their leftovers, popcorn in the afternoon, or just an old pot of coffee. The cleaning lady cleaning the ladies rooms, etc.

    I've found that migraines are strange and awful things, sometimes coming with warning, and other times all of a sudden just there. Basically I ALWAYS have a headache, migraine, or regular.

    Good luck to you.
  3. AllWXRider

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    Monosodium Glutamate is a popular flavor enhancer. Its alias names are: Yeast Extract, Autolyzed Yeast Extract, Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protien. It is manf from fermented soy, so kiss Soy Sauce goodbye.

    Sodium Nitrate, Nitrate are cured meat oxidizers and can trigger too.

    Sulfites from wine and dried fruit. Make sure you get enough molydenum in your diet as the liver needs it to convert sulfites to sulfates. Sulfates are easy to pee out.

    Tyramines from red wine and bananas are triggers for some.

    Feverfew is an herb that helps some with migraine sensitivity. Liver detox herbs like Dandelion Root, Milk Thistle and Red Clover. Ginseng can help constrict the dialated blood vessels that causes the migraines.
  4. Greenbean7

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    I know that some odors are triggers for me, especially diesel fumes or amonia cleaners or oven cleaner (if the oven gets too dirty I just move!).

    MSG is a biggie also. I can't even go into the Chinese restaurant with my DH and have a cup of tea while he eats without getting a migraine. He thinks the whole building is toxic for me.

    Still have the question about mold, though. I don't see it on any trigger lists so I don't know if that could have been it or not.

    I don't have a problem with dark chocolate in small doses and, praise the Lord, coffee doesn't do it to me either. In fact when I notice I have a cup of coffee in one hand and a Diet Coke in the other I head for the Maxalt! That's my systems way of warning me that a migraine is coming. I crave caffiene and sometimes that alone will head it off.

    I am fortunate in that I don't get them as often as so many people do. Although I may have them a couple times a month, most are controlled with Maxalt and Fiorinal. I seem to be in a pattern where I have to go for a shot every other month.

    I had about 4 years when I didn't have even one shot. Still had some migraines, but kept them under control. Then about 3 years ago they hit me really hard again, not to long after I was diagnosed with FM and epilepsy and within a week was told my job was "going away".

    I am going back to cutting all meat out of my diet. I did that for a long time and then slowly started eating it again. Maybe that will help.

    Thanks again for your responses, I always know I can count on the people on this board.


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