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    Every day I have migraines. It is in the front of my head, the temples, behind my eyes, and forehead. Is this the normal place for a migraine headache? It seems to be almost constant anymore. I do take 25mg of topamax twice daily for headaches.

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    Kellyann --

    I'm so sorry you get migraines so much! I had them daily for a long time, too. I'm NOT A DOCTOR, but I'll tell you what I have read and learned from my LLNP about headaches, migraines, and lyme.

    Yes, that *can* be a normal presentation for a migraine, though Lyme headaches can also be different from migraines. I know this may sound scary, but Lyme headaches are often caused by either encephalitis (swelling of the brain) or meningitis (swelling of the meninges that cover the brain and spinal cord) or some combination thereof (meningoencephalitis, meningoencephalomyelitis, etc.) Do you get pain in the back of your head and a stiff neck, too? Do you get visual disturbances during or before the attack, or other neurological stuff like light or sound sensitivity?

    What turned the corner for me with the head pain, I think, was treating for babesia. I tried Topamax, but the side effects were too much for me -- I got to the point that I could barely string together a coherent sentence, so I stopped that. Another thing that helped me is taking amitryptiline (sp?) --- it is an old-school antidepressant that helps with sleep and also with migraine prevention for lots of folks. I take it before bed.

    Have you tried migraine meds? They often help lyme headaches, whether they are true migraines or not. Relpax is a Godsend for me when I DO get a migraine -- 9 times out of 10 it will knock it out completely. (It does nothing for full-blown meningitis, though, in my experience.)
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    I seem to always have a stiff neck, can barely turn my head to either side. Vision does beome a little blurry, can't stand bright light or loud noise. Really can't stand much noise at all.

    The headaches seem to be coming from the front top half of my head. It is scary to think of the brain swelling. Actually I was bitten by a tick in the back of my head in the first place, I believe that is when I got the Lyme.

    I was taking imetrex but it didn't help much. I think I'll just try the topamax for awhile. I just wondered if my headaches were in the same place as anyone elses.

    Thank you for being so helpful Mini, you are a real Godsend!