Migraines/Pain & Elevated Homocysteine

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    Firstly, I have never dealt with migraine headaches, but I've heard enough here talk about Migraines.....

    My integrative MD looks at my homocysteine levels now for a few years....she is not that concerned with cholesterol, so I'm not either.....I've posted a lot about the cholesterol mythe....

    I had an elevated homocysteine over the last 2 yrs or so and I KNOW why, I ate bad, crappy processed meats and I admit that and am NOW off them all. And I went off Omega 3's too long. And I'm taking Cardio B from my doc's suggestion which has a HIGH folic acid content which works to reduce homocysteine.

    So as I see it for me, I was slacking off on Omega 3's, slacking off on B12 and eating crap processed meats, my homocysteine levels elevated....not good...

    Reading this link I found a lot of good info on elevated homocysteine levels and migraines are mentioned,,,,I think you all need to ask for homocysteine level checks from your doc, elevated levels can be of danger to us. Here is a really good link for some education:

    Then in 1968 a Harvard researcher named Dr. Kilmer McCully noticed that children with genetically Elevated Homocysteine Levels experienced Heart Disease ...
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    If any of you decide to look into your homocysteine levels, and find them HIGH, my doc had me get Cardio B, but since then I found a better product, Vessel Care by Metagenics, a good product including the active form of Folate....which Cardio B does not have, it has folic acid.

    I will get the Metagenics product.....the LifeExtension folks like to see Homo levels at about 8....mine right now is 20, but coming down and back in 2010 it was 12....so I really goofed with processed meats and slacking off on B12 and Omega 3's...
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    Well, I think I found an even better product for this homocyteine issue....Activated Homocysteine Formula....some others are saying this is even better......

    So again, if any of you get into this issue, you can PM me to see where one can find this supp. jam
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    A lot of interest here and I HOPE all will get homocysteine levels checked and action taken if needed....Here is a informative link on homocysteine and a BLOG attached to it with many comments from people...I have to believe my levels will drop as I continue with the treatment I'm doing....I will probably get this checked in 4-5 months or so.

    I don't know if you folks know about the dangers of High Homocysteine levels BUT I'm learning a lot.
    My IM Doc started tested my levels in 2010 and they were high but not dangerous.....so now 3 yrs later they are higher....and I'm in so much MORE pain overall. So I now take Cardio B on her insistence and staying off Processed Cwap foods....which cause inflammation.....I was a bad girl in 2013 with too much salami and processed turkey and cheese....I'm cleaning up my ACT.

    Here is a good site from an MD and one section talks about Pain and Inflammation. I have a feeling many do not have homocysteine tests done.

    Finally, high homocysteine is known to significantly lower nitric oxide in your blood. .... I too have high level and I am extremely healthy. ... However, understanding your concerns in your last post regarding improper practice(s), the fact is that ...
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    I think this is about pain and inflammation and homocysteine levels....