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    Does anyone think that their migraines are primarily triggered by allergies?? I think mine are because I did not have migraines until I developed allergies..Also, my most frequent and severest are in the Spring/Summer/Fall. I also have reactions to change in altitude, and menstrual migraines..but I am trying to find the right medication for prevention..Calcium channel and beta blockers are not effective. I have been tring Topamax, but it causes so much fatigue at even a low dose, I haven't been able to increase the level..I have no energy! Imitrex really works for the actual headache, but cannot afford that at $13/pill.. Has anyone tried Depakote and is it effective? or any other solution? LOL, AMELIA
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    You know, I just started getting migraines in the last year or so. But I recently found out that I have some pretty severe food allergies that I never realized I had (I have always had inhalant allergies w/ severe sneezing & congestion) so I'm guessing these migraines have to do with things I am allergic to. For me, I don't think they are menstrual, doesn't match my cycles.

    Because I don't get them daily, I am not using anything preventative med-wise, I'm just trying to find the pattern that helps me figure out what I'm eating or coming into contact with that's causing them. My doctor just gave me a sample of something called Maxalt (I think it's an Imitrex clone, so it might be expensive, too) to try for the headache, just haven't had one since he gave it to me. What I have been doing up to now is just taking some diphenhydramine (like in benedryl) for the nausea part because I find no amount of advil or aleve helped the headache, but it was the nausea that was really killing me & diphenhydramine did help with that.

    Good luck, I have heard of Depakote but don't know anything about it. I don't take any FM prescription drugs, and I'm really leery of side effects, so I'm even nervous about trying the maxalt!

    Hope you find something that helps!

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    Yes, definately. My son has food allergies, his worse being corn. He gets headaches and what his doc called "stomach migraines". They improved when his diet was "de-corned". I also have read that food allergy symptoms can worsen during seasonal allergy periods, especially mold allergies. I guess they cross react.
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    I don't know about the allergies but my migraines follow my menstrual cyle, as do all my really bad headaches.